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At the age of 38, cristiano ronaldo Continuing to show that age is just a number in the world of football.After elite clubs such as real MadridManchester United and Juventus TurinThe Portuguese star decided to Al Nasr, in the Arab League. What is clear is that his physical condition is still 100%.In news that will surprise the sports world, here’s the secret behind “Bug’s” longevity and performance: a recovery machine designed by scientists from the United States pot.According to English newspaper reports sun.

The innovative technology, called the Vascusport Regeneration System (VRS), is located in the footballer’s home and is key to maintaining his enviable physical condition. Originally designed to counteract the effects of weight loss on astronaut muscles, VRS has proven to be an important tool in CR7’s daily work.

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This machine improves oxygen flow to tissues, activates drainage, increases endorphins in the brain, and contributes to better blood circulation. But its benefits don’t stop there. It also speeds up the healing process, reduces edema and inflammation, and reduces the risk of recurrent injury.

Thanks to this technology, Cristiano Ronaldo can recover from injuries faster, allowing him to perform at his peak on the pitch and reducing the likelihood of future illness. Although Ronaldo’s secret to staying at the top of world football is not limited to this NASA machine.

This NASA-designed machine is Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s strict diet

The Portuguese follow a carefully planned diet that includes chicken, fish, eggs, beef, avocado, coconut oil and black rice. These foods provide essential nutrients to keep your body functioning optimally, along with adequate fluids, quality rest, and consistent physical activity.

In addition to his diet, Cristiano Ronaldo also undergoes thalassotherapy, a treatment that uses substances extracted from the ocean to relax muscles. He also uses cryotherapy, a technique that uses cold to treat a variety of ailments, including sports injuries.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s focus on his health and physical fitness is a role model for athletes around the world. His tireless pursuit of excellence on the court was backed up by ironclad discipline in every aspect of his life, from diet to recovery.

Cristiano Ronaldo follows a strict diet of six meals a day.

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