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Last Sunday 12 In November, one of the best football players in history took on the task of creating a big party for his daughter Alana Martina When he was six years old, together with his wife, Georgina Rodriguez They planned a “big” celebration.

‘mistake’ Gathering with those closest to his family celebrate to one of his daughters last week. victory “CR7” team nasser Cristiano Ronaldo scored in a 3-1 win over Al Wahda third goal Party.

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too much balloon In the place where the above party was held, what was seen was video Share on Social network At once Modelthe same one Fritters machine It’s part of the celebration and a great event ice rink It can be enjoyed by everyone present.

As far as he is concerned, Portuguese striker He didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so he took a Tricycle Especially suitable for him iceenjoying part of the luxury attraction with his wife and children big party By Alana.

accompanied by singing “If you weren’t there” Background music is sung by a Spanish singer Inigo Quintero, this family De Cristiano shared the moment with different people he frequented, which can be seen at video From Georgina on her account Instagram Posted a few days ago.

he forward The Arab team also showed their Honey to his daughter Social network post a photography Next to the birthday girl, she wrote: “Love from dad, happy birthday. 6 years. God bless you always”.

When will Cristiano Ronaldo play again?

“El Bicho” will continue to be known for its choose after the last time FIFA dates Even last Thursday he marked the year’s best Target in victory 2-0 of Portugal About the merger Liechtensteinan undefeated team and a ticket to promotion Euro 2024 They got it months ago.

he Next and last game of Qualifying Next year’s European Cup, the Portuguese will face the national team Icelandthis Sunday o’clock 1:45pm (Mexico time), Portugal will look to end the game in perfect tempo 9 wins 10 possibilities.

In fact, there’s not even a choice cristiano ronaldo (Classified) Her rivals have no stakes either tenth day, Because no matter what happens on the last date, no team can make it Slovakiasecond place in the group.

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