Cristiano Ronaldo’s neighbors in Portugal are fed up with the works

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo plans to retire after he leaves the pitch after running into problems building his mega-mansion. Neighbors are fed up with the inconvenience caused by housing works in the Portuguese coastal town of Cascais.

While the Portuguese footballer lives a lavish lifestyle playing for Al Nassar in Saudi Arabia, neighbors of his future mansion endure the traffic of trucks in and out of the property’s site.

“We’ve been working on this for three years. The house is so big it looks like a hospital. It still has at least another year of work left. We’ve had enough. My street has been closed for months and my garden is full of dust. All because of Pharaoh Ronaldo’s “Pyramid”“A neighbor affected by the project commented to Portuguese media Look.

The player also tried to protect his privacy from users of hotels and golf courses near the mansion, but was unsuccessful. “She was so exposed. She tried to buy them at all costs, but it didn’t work out,” the same source revealed.

the property It is located in the luxury area of ​​Quinta da Marinha in the coastal town of Cascais20 kilometers from Lisbon, the player plans to retire at the end of his career with his partner Georgina Rodríguez and their five children.

The former Real Madrid striker bought the land in October 2022 for €9.2 million and since then he has been building Portugal’s most expensive house, which will be worth €22 million when completed. No one who has surpassed him along the way.

The mega-mansion will offer the Ronaldo family every imaginable amenity, from four floors to four luxurious suites with large windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There are two swimming pools, one outdoor and one indoors, as well as a cinema, gym, tennis court and two garages to accommodate the more than 20 high-end cars he owns. The site covers 2,720 square meters and includes 544 square meters of outdoor space, complete with extensive gardens and solar panels.

The works are expected to be completed by mid-June 2024, but the player will not live there until his contract with Al Nassr ends in June 2025, when he turns 40, an age he has said he would like to play in retire.

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