Cristiano Ronaldo’s picture causes confusion because of something he manipulates with his hands: ‘I’m sick’

CAs we all know, the most famous people on the internet They usually appear repeatedly Occasions on social networks, especially on X (formerly Twitter), and even more so if Cristiano Ronaldo. One of his photos began to be the subject of many comments, especially due to the subconscious imagination.At first glance it appears to hold a soccer shoeswhich for most people means something else This made people laugh.

Although the social network of Player Announcements Al Nassr’s Portuguese has become increasingly important in recent days.This is an advertisement Nike He’s standing there with his football boots on her hands, But if we see it accidentally, May cause confusion.

However, this photo, his face and the shape of his boots reminded many X users of it is a manly member The Portuguese players are taking control. Best of all, it has gone viral thanks to user @kansaita_’s comment: “I don’t know when my brain figured out I was sick.” The tweet has 155,000 views and 1,600 likes.

The joke has spread to other countries

The comment caused laughter on the portal and led other users to express the same sentiment: “You’re not alone, friend”, “My brain saw the same thing”, “You’re not the only one, don’t worry.” “The lady sitting next to me saw it too.”

Yet confusion extends beyond our borders: ‘That’s not the first thing I saw,’ “Yes, we need treatment. I know what I saw, and I know what you saw.” “We all saw it, right?”, “You saw what you saw”, etc. Even if Cristiano Ronaldo does not interact, he continues to move the masses and become the object of public opinion.Meanwhile, Portugal’s Georgina Rodríguez’s partner continues to enjoy his This Sunday the national team faces Iceland 2-0.

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