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From a few days to Venice Issue 80 Film exhibition. The famous Kermesse, where in the past Hollywood stars of such caliber as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sophia Loren paraded, and now see actors such as Adam Driver AND Bradley Cooper. But in the era of social networks, it is certainly impossible to be absent. influential personnew stars of our red carpet. He also attended the festival Clicia Incorvaiawithout the presence of his partner Paolo Chavarro in the Olimpico stands.

The Sicilian appeared in the lagoon in a long light dress from the brand Only joys. Her closest supporters greeted her with an avalanche of positive comments. But not everyone was of the same opinion. Some of those who do not follow it diligently have it. criticizedeven in a vulgar form: “What is she doing?”; “But what does this have to do with cinema? ยป; “Stay at home and go to work”; “But the meaning of it in Venice?”.

Nothing new. In recent years, many haters have come out against those who, in their opinion, had no right to walk the catwalk with movie stars. But in recent years, the Venice Film Festival has undergone a change: on the red carpet, there are characters who have nothing to do with the competing films, but who have a following and who, above all, land in the lagoon to sponsor haute couture.

Here's how Giulia Salemi presents herself on the red carpet in Venice.  It's raining insults |  Photo

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