Crochet is the hobby of many stars like Russell Crowe and for summer 2023 it will be crochet mania with these garments worn by Chiara Ferragni and Gigi Hadid

Crochet is the hobby of many stars like Russell Crowe and for summer

Crochet is the hobby of many stars like Russell Crowe and for summer

When you think of crochet, non-stop knitting grandmothers immediately come to mind. In fact, this is also a hobby for many people who find ways to relax. Indeed, there are Hollywood stars who do it regularly, such as the unsuspecting Russell Crowe. And here are the summer trends of crochet to be fashionable.

How many times have you ever been scolded by your mother or grandmother who told us to shut up “or I’ll lose count of the points”. They were struggling with the knitting and a distraction could mean having to redo a piece of the sweater. Gift, among other things, that many have received under the Christmas tree, often with improbable color combinations and wrong sizes.
Yet, crochet work has never gone out of fashion, even in an increasingly technological world. Indeed, for many people it is a refuge where they can isolate themselves from the rest of the world and take some time out to relax. A hobby that gratifies the mind and also our wardrobe considering what they will be summer 2023 fashion trends.

Here are the big screen stars who love to spend their free time crocheting

To the point that there are many film actresses that they have chosen as a pastime. Indeed, crochet is the hobby of many stars like Russell Crowe and this, if you will, is surprising. Because seeing Gladiator knitting is something you don’t expect. To say, already the beautiful Rita Hayworth she had appeared in a vintage photo knitting.
Not just Russell Crowe, but also Keifer Sutherland seems to have crochet as a hobby. Which also infected Julia Robertsas well as a supermodel of the caliber of Cara Delevingne. Madonna it relaxes like this and Meryl Streepbetween one take and another, produces hats, sweaters and scarves.

Not only as a hobby, but also fashion often resorts to crochet dresses

It should not be forgotten, however, that the crochet creations they are gods bosses going strong among the VIPs. So much so that on their Instagram profiles it is easy to see one of them wearing a crochet garment. So since launch trends and make people understand what fashion will be like in the coming months.
For example, some time ago a supermodel of the caliber of Gigi Hadid with a top that had been made with crochet.

Crochet is the hobby of many stars like Russell Crowe and here’s how VIPs wear it

Various colors emerged from the workmanship, such as black, white, beige. Perfect the combination with a pair of ripped jeans on the knees and with some sneakers at the feet. Speaking of influencers, he had impressed, at the Paris fashion shows, the transparent crochet dress worn by Kylie Jenner. With a neckline in front that reached almost to the navel.
And among the Italians? Obviously, Clare Ferragni is always a point of reference for many followers. And here, then, that did not go unnoticed coordinated crochet who showed a garment of his homonymous brand on Instagram. That is to say, tricot crop top with logo and white tricot miniskirt with Eye Star. On some sites, such as Khloè Femme, you can also find them discounted by 50%. That is, the shirt for 129.50 and the skirt for 111 euros.

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