Crosetto criticizes Vannacci and the Armed Forces: “He came to the meeting without a uniform, he will have a different role in the army”

“I told the general Vannacci that I will apply the rules and provide all necessary guarantees and protections, just like any other person. You can write and present a book, this is not a topic. In the coming months and weeks we will see what Vannacci’s job will be like since he has not been kicked out of the Armed Forces and like any manager he must have a job. His Armed Forces will offer him alternative employment“. These are the words of Defense Minister Guido Crosetto on the sidelines of his speech on stage during the celebration Everyday phenomenon. “If it is functional,” Crosetto clarified, “it depends not on me, but on the Armed Forces and the dialogue that will take place between them.”

Returning to the book, entry sales“The World Upside Down” where Vannacci expresses ideas homophobic AND racistCrosetto explains: “I am convinced that a democratic system is nourished by the comparison of ideas which, even if they are different, must confront each other, even with vivacity and sometimes contradiction. But institutions have a different task. Institutions must protect principles and values. The ideas may be different, but the principles and values ​​are different. And above all, those who do this by work and by choice, first and foremost the Armed Forces, must protect them,” Crosetto added.

Speaking about “Half an hour later on Rai 3, organized by Monica Maggioni, the minister spoke about the meeting he had with General Vannacci, emphasizing one detail:”He arrived in civilian clothes, and I told him: “Excuse me, why don’t you have a uniform?”. And he replied: “The boss told me not to wear this because today I came to you as if it was a private matter, and I was not allowed.” didn’t even receive compensation for the train‘. I told him no, because when you ask your boss for a report, you are back on duty, even if you are not temporary. So he had to come with a travel document and put on a uniform.”

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