‘Crossroads’ Starring Britney Spears Gets Exciting Streaming Renewal

More than 20 years after its release in theaters in February 2002, Britney Spears’ cult favorite film Crossroads returns to cinemas in honor of the pop icon’s memoirs The woman in me. The underrated film will return to the big screen on October 23 and 25, followed by the release of Spears’ highly anticipated book on October 24.

For years, Crossroads was incredibly difficult for fans to find. The film has not been broadcast anywhere and the DVDs have long since sold out, which must seem strange considering that it not only stars Britney Spears, but also two popular stars in their own right, Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning. It really shouldn’t be as impossible as watching your favorite movie.

Well, according to director Tamra Davis, her attempts through her lawyers to bring the film back into the pop culture realm were nothing compared to Spears’ idea and request to re-release her only starring role in theaters in conjunction with her hit memoir. shelves.

Davis said the star’s initiative prompted Sony to buy the rights to the film from original distributor Paramount, leading to the current limited theatrical presence. Following the theatrical re-release, Davis hints that a streaming deal will be next on the agenda. Finally, finally, the film looks like it will be available to stream very soon!

Why Netflix Should Stream Crossroads

While the streaming house has yet to be named (as of October 19), it’s worth noting that Sony has a strong relationship with Netflix. The studio and streamer are currently in a five-year deal that will see Netflix receive its latest theatrical films such as “Where the Crawdads Sing”, “Uncharted”, “Love Again”, “No Hardcore”, and more – over a certain period of time.

Netflix also boasts a number of its original series produced by Sony, including Night Agent, Cobra Kai, Corona, and others, and also acquired such Sony-produced shows as “Outlander”, “The Blacklist” And Special Forces. Between the Sony deal, originals, and TV acquisitions, there are plenty of Sony movies arriving every month. For example, The Incredible Spider-Man And domestic rabbit came in October.

Netflix has no problem getting streaming rights Crossroads, given its time-tested and continually proven maneuverability and range. Last summer, the streamer became a secondary home for Suits, and we all know how unexpectedly huge it has become. Older films also have the opportunity to get a second wind on Netflix, something other streamers can’t offer in the same way.

As someone who saw the film in the theater back in 2002 and has held onto my DVD copy tightly for the last 20 years, I celebrate the fact that Crossroads it’s on a new path to streaming services, but I’m holding out hope and actually declaring that it’s coming to Netflix. It is the streamer that gives the film the best chance of being seen by the most people and receiving a positive repercussion from the public.

When it was released, Spears was at one of the peaks of her career, having recorded and released her first two albums three months before the film’s release. The world’s biggest pop star makes her theater debut starring in a teen drama full of friendship, romance, music and road shenanigans? This was a must see!

However, critics disagreed. The film has a very low 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and I remember people being harsh on Spears’ performance at the time. What we know now is that the film was written by Shonda Rhimes, a prominent television producer, and Spears had a hard time getting on stage. outside Lucy’s shoes after filming. She was dedicated to her work and she was big.

Regardless of where it ends up (though I hope it’s Netflix), we’ll probably all be looking through a different lens, a couple of decades removed from 2002 and on the other side of an unfairly turbulent and abusive time for Spears. When the film starts airing, wherever it airs, I hope people become kinder and recognize the charismatic talent she brought to the big screen.

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