Cuban father unable to buy medicine for son

On this communist island, the so-called “medical powerhouse,” buying medicine can be a daunting task even with money in your pocket, as a Cuban father with an ailing son attests.

Angel Aguilar said on social networks that his wife took the child to the doctor, who gave her a prescription to buy antibiotics, but as usual, she could not find it anywhere.

“In the absence of bread, cassava. In the morning my wife took the child to the doctor and the doctor wrote her a prescription to buy antibiotics for the sick child. Well, not in a country where a dictatorship claims we are a medical powerhouse drug”rebuked.

Due to a lack of medicines, the family cannot stand by and use “natural methods” to combat their child’s ailments.

“My wife says these herbs are good for colds. Will we be carrying spears and arrows and belts next year?”

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“Thank you. The baby had impetigo. In fact, that’s why my wife took him to the doctor. The doctor told him that if he didn’t have antibiotics, he would use gentian violet. But I’ve sort of sorted it out.” Add to.

The Cuban father stressed that he was annoyed because he knew that although he had the financial means to buy the medicines, finding them was impossible.

“The most painful thing is that I have money to buy medicine, but I don’t have it. This is the problem that bothers me, but I can’t solve it”,Sentenced.

Many similar cases have occurred in “medical power” where Cubans had to “work magic” in an attempt to succumb to their health. On top of that, they also have to deal with the poor care they receive in the hospital.

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