Cuban federation says Yaril Rodriguez will compensate for damages

Talented pitcher Yariel Rodríguez has agreed to pay “damages” for his decision to abandon his contract in Japan in an attempt to break into Major League Baseball, according to the Cuban Baseball Federation.

recent Dragones de Chunichi – the club to which the Cuban baseball player was affiliated before deciding not to return – announced that he has been releasedwhich makes it possible for him to opt for free agency and negotiate a contract with Major League Baseball.

“This step has been taken following a difficult legal process between the parties involved following the athlete’s abandonment of his contract several months ago,” Gitter added.

But the most dramatic turn of events is when baseball entities report that “andThe athlete, through his representatives, agreed to pay a financial penalty for the damages caused by his decision. “Jit said.

We have to wait for the amount of financial compensation to be confirmed, although it is worth remembering that a few months ago The federation is asking for about $10 million.

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