Cutcrease in 5 Steps!

Elegant and soft, or decisive and spectacular, neutral, fluo or glitter colors… the cut Crease, launched in the 60s by Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn, is an eclectic makeup that enlarges and enhances the gaze. Here’s how to make it in 5 steps!

How to make a 60s style eye make-up: Cut crease in 5 Step!

Inspired by iconic “doe eyes”, directly from him 60’swhen it was launched by star come Twiggy And Audrey HepburnThe cutcreaseliterally “cut crease”, is an intense eye make-up that plays with the chiaroscuro, such as contouring for the face. In essence, it is based on a clean cut between eyelid color, usually clearand colors darkstarting from the line that is created at the eye crease. Magnifies very the look, making it sensual and magneticand gives depth to the eyes. It’s perfect for those who have round eyes And large eyelidsbut also enhances eyes hollowed outwith eyelid sagging or little ones: just lift the crease slightly to make the eyelids taller and more defined.

The Cut Crease in 5 steps: from the base to the colours

Nuancedfor a more effect soft and modern, or more net, intense And definedmade with theeyeliner and faithful to 60’slike that of Adele,or fluorescent like the one sported by Kylie Jenner, the cut crease can be made in many versions, with different colors and graphics, and it is the trick that has made even the look of stars like Ariana Grande And Kim Kardashian. In version glitter, is hugely popular with beauty bloggers all over the web. It’s not easy to make, but with a little practice and patience you’ll be able to create a perfect cut crease even without the help of a professional. Let’s find out all the step to make it happen!

The base with primer or concealer

The first step is to apply a primer (or, alternatively, foundation or concealer) all over the mobile eyelid, to make it uniform. Among the many on the market, the Revolution London Cut Crease Canvas Create Medium Primer creates an ideal base for cut crease makeup: a primer full coverage, with an innovative brush integrated which allows for easy application. And now let’s focus on the actual makeup: from the eyeshadow clear on the mobile eyelid foldto be created with dark eyeshadows, with or without pencil or eyeliner.

Revolution London Cut Crease Canvas Create Medium Primer

The mobile eyelid: colors and shades

We use a flat brush and we take a light eyeshadow to be applied on the whole mobile eyelid. Preferably opaque, you can choose between cream, beige or also white pure. With a ivory, we give a touch of light around the tear duct and under the eyebrow. An easy way is to pass the correctorwith a cat’s tongue brush, over a make-up classic previously applied, forming a Crescent moon on the mobile eyelid, and apply the light eyeshadow again on it, once the concealer is dry.

How to trace the fold of the cut crease with pencils and eyeshadows

Where exactly does it go fold? Just where you create theshadow between mobile eyelid and brow bone, or slightly above, to zoom in even more. A typ from #ClioMakeUp: opening the eyes and looking upwards, the concealer applied on the mobile eyelid will “stain” the area from which to start the upper crease. We then move on to tracing the actual one cut crease line: you follow the crease, with a plus color dark, gray or brown, stretches outward and curves slightly. A small precision brush will help. Keep applying the dark color until you see a clean cut between eyelid and eye crease. For a more cut crease intensejust choose even darker colors, such as grey And blackto trace and blend the crease, then applying them also on the lower rhyme of the eye. The dark color for the crease can also be traced with a black pencil or brownthen blend with an eyeshadow of the same color or grey. Watch the video to see how it’s done!

The use of eyeliner in the crease and on the edges

For a more cut crease graphic And intenseyou can also opt for a kohl eyelinerultra-pigmented and long-lasting, to be applied on the external ring of the eyelashes, drawing one line thin or thicker, depending on taste. With eyeliner you can also create a tail, to be blended as it approaches the crease. Among the many possibilities, the chiaroscuro can be inverted and the sharp detachment will go from the dark on the mobile eyelid to the lighter above, as we see in this post.

The finish with mascara or false eyelashes and the color variations

To complete the look and make it even more scenographic the gazewe abound with mascara or we apply Fake eyelashes. The use of glitter above the mobile eyelid, or between the eyelid and the crease of the eye, it will make it even more glam the final result. Sober or hyperpop, soft or intense, minimal or graphic, fluo or multilevel with rainbow colors… the cut crease is a really make up versatile and imaginative: let’s see some examples in this roundup of images!

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