Dada Melee, Purple Disco Machine and Coase on stage

it started yesterday ogpogo, a three-day festival held at the Fiera di Cagliari. With a party presence that has no equal in town eleven artists A staple on the national and international music scene, which further enriches the program of major events in the capital: a program for all tastes and all ages, with a range of rap, pop, indie and house.

The show was followed by performances by island artists Weidmanz, Agostinelli, Rick Sanders and Rowley. BapuDestiny singer-songwriter back from the success of last one X Factor, which combines Neapolitan and traditional culture with electronic contamination. For him, freedom of expression is his musical manifesto, which also has a danceable sound.

Behind him, came running from all over the island, to drive out the huge crowd that was present, purple disco machine, the pseudonym of German DJ and producer Tino Piontek, who achieved worldwide success in 2020 with the group Sophie & the Giants with the single “Hypnotized”, which became one of that summer’s catchphrases. Moving on from Lizzo’s single “About Damn Time,” which earned her a Grammy Award for Best Non-Classical Remix that year.

he went on stage in the finale coezAcclaimed singer-songwriter from Salerno, transplanted to Rome, who blends rap with Brit-pop: he sings his most important hits, which earned him multiple platinum records, including “Facio un casino”, “Ochi rossi”, Contains “Barceloneta”. They weren’t flowers”, and the famous “The music isn’t there”.

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