Dallas Cowboys VS Dallas Cowboys New York Giants

this national football league The game begins with an exciting matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions. There are 14 meetings scheduled for Sunday, September 10, including: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants.

dallas cowboys start of season National Football League 2023 Passionate, aiming to break nearly 30-year drought super bowl. In itself, new york giants He confirmed that what he achieved in 2022 was not an isolated incident and that his quarterback, Daniel Jones, was willing to make it happen.

Although NFL Week 1 It doesn’t tell you who is the favorite, it’s just a gauge of the future. As far as Dallas is concerned, there are a lot of questions following the departure of their offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Their offensive line doesn’t look as strong as it has in years past.

dallas cowboys quarterback Dak Prescottwill jump to the ground and extend His 10-game winning streak against the New York Giants. If he accomplishes that, he’ll tie Roger Staubach for most wins against the Giants since at least 1950.

Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants injured

this Season 2023-2024 The NFL started off with some “questionable” injuries for both teams. While it’s unknown if they will be withdrawn entirely, these are the names in question:

  • Dallas Cowboys: Tyler Smith (offensive tackle), Tyron Smith (offensive tackle), Donovan Wilson (safety) and Sam Williams (defensive end).
  • new york giants: Gary Brightwell (running back), Cam Brown (linebacker), Wan’Dale Robinson (wide receiver) and Lawrence Keiger (tight end).

Where to watch NFL Week 1 games live?

In the specific case of Mexico, this option falls under fox sports, ESPN and platform Daznin and S.tar+.latin america about National Football League It has certain limitations, so streaming is the most viable option.

Remainder of 2023 NFL Week 1

  • Atlanta Falcons VS Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers
  • Houston Texans VS Houston Texans Baltimore Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals VS Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings
  • New Orleans Saints VS New Orleans Saints Tennessee Titans
  • Pittsburgh Steelers VS Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers
  • Arizona Cardinals VS Arizona Cardinals Washington Commanders
  • Green Bay Packers VS Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears
  • Denver Broncos VS Denver Broncos Las Vegas Raiders
  • Philadelphia Eagles VS Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots
  • Miami Dolphins VS Miami Dolphins Los Angeles Chargers
  • Seattle Seahawks VS Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams
  • Buffalo Bills vs. Buffalo Bills New York Jets (Monday Night Football)

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