Damian Lillard took a swipe at Stephen Curry vs. Jordan after a controversial Michael Jordan catch. Magic Johnson debate: ‘It’s undeniable’

The NBA calendar is currently in its least exciting time of the year. However, the conversation around the NBA this past summer seemed to be returning to one of the fan favorites: goat debate. This time, however, it’s about the greatest point guard of all time. The NBA community is outraged after Stephen Curry claimed that he and Magic Johnson are the best point guards of all time. They are now eager to express their opinions on who is the best among them. After Michael Jordan joined the debate, Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard followed suit.

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Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson are both etched in our minds as the best point guards in NBA history. Statistically, Magic leads the way in terms of All-Star and All-NBA selections, as well as championships. He also appears to be leading the way in rebounds, assists and steals. However, Chef Curry surpassed Johnson in scoring. To be fair, statistics don’t accurately measure Curry’s greatness because Curry’s career continues and he still has a lot to do. They are all the greatest men in their respective fields and times. Despite his size, the GSW guard revolutionized basketball and made it what it is today. Five-time champion Jordan, on the other hand, played in the toughest of times, but he still left an indelible mark.

Damian Lillard joins race for best point guard


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in a recent appearance This is what it is podcast, Damian Lillard weighs in on the best point guard debate. When asked to choose between Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson, Damian Lillard had a simple answer. “I think Magic is the greatest point guard of all time. I mean, just because of the way he dominated the game, his versatility, size, charisma and the flash he brought to you, he got them to the Lakers. . So I mean, I think it’s undeniable,” said the Trail Blazers point guard.

However, although he does admit baby-faced assassin As a great point guard, he has an unusual perspective. He said,I think Steph is right there…he’s more of a shooting guard type role. You know it’s a lot of movement without the ball.Draymond is almost like the team’s current point guard“.

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Michael Jordan made his choice

Basketball legend Michael Jordan seems to share Dame Time’s sentiments. Stephen A. Smith first shoot shared a text message from Jordan expressing his opinion on who the best point guard is. Magic Johnson is undoubtedly the best point guard of all time.Stephen Curry is close, but not to Magic“, Michael Jordan wrote in text message to Smith. However, he does admit that he is the best goalscorer of all time. The controversial move drew criticism from Curry fans, who didn’t see it that way.

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While everyone has a unique perspective on the point guard debate, the bottom line is that both players have proven themselves in their respective eras. Do you think Stephen Curry will win his fifth championship this year, joining Johnson?

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