Dan Marino: ‘If I were in the NFL right now, I would throw for 6,000 yards’

When talking about the best quarterbacks in the NFL over the decades in the 1980s and 1990s, there’s no denying that Dan MarinoMiami Dolphins, next to joe montanaof the San Francisco 49ers, and John Elwaydenver broncos Despite never winning a Super Bowl.

The great thing about the Pro Football Hall of Famer is what he accomplished in an era where pitching was no longer the priority it has been in recent years. Marino accumulated so many yards that when he retired, he became the all-time leader in NFL history with 61,361 yards. Currently, he ranks eighth, behind Tom Brady (89,214), Drew Brees (80,358), Peyton Manning (71,940), Brett Favre (71,938), Ben Roethlis Berg (64,088), Philip Rivers (63,440) and Matt Ryan (62,729).

Now, in an interview with Kevin Clark, The Pittsburgh, Pa., native believes he could pass for 6,000 yards in a season if he played now Because the offense leans more toward the air game than the ground game.

“The best part about this is I’m retired and I don’t have to show it,” said the Dolphins’ all-time passing yardage leader. “Yeah, we’re going to throw for 6,000 yards…it’s going to be fun.I hope that I can Play“.

Additionally, the former Dolphins quarterback pledged Everything would be easier if he could get the ball to Jerry Rice and Randy Moss and running back Emmitt Smith.

His best season in terms of throwing yards was his second season in 1984, when Marino reached 5,084 times and threw for 48 touchdowns. The Dolphins’ top receivers that season were Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, with 1,389 and 1,306 yards respectively.

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NFL single-season passing yardage record

Dan Marino’s record of 5,084 yards stood for 27 years Because of the exploits of Tom Brady and Drew Brees during the 2011 NFL season. The then-New England Patriots quarterback threw for 5,235 yards, while the New Orleans Saints quarterback broke the record with 2,476 yards.

However, In 2013, Peyton Manning set a milestone that no longer seems so far away. The quarterback threw for 5,477 yards in his second season with the Denver Broncos. Since Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs added 5,250 yards in 2022, the record will likely have a new owner in the coming years.

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