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What products do you use to clean your nose? Generally speaking, when you need to clean your nose, whether it’s because you have a cold, eating a lot of spicy food, something in the environment irritating us and getting a runny nose, after sneezing or just because your nose is dirty, it’s most commonly used to clean it. Utensils This is toilet paper, also known as “bathroom paper” because this common practice doesn’t seem to cause any harm and is the most commonly used in most situations. Practical stuff.

This is mainly because toilet paper is the most commonly used product by most people at home and generally everywhere, so when it comes time to clean your nose, the easiest and fastest way to do it is to take a piece and proceed to clean the area. And, although there may not seem to be any harm behind this very common and widespread habit that we most likely do every day, the reality is that there is a very important reason to avoid it, as it can put us at risk.

To help you realize what’s wrong with this habit and reflect on it the next time you use this product to clean your nose, today we’re sharing with you what the dangerous reasons behind this are. Therefore, if you want to know what it is about, we invite you to continue reading this article, because below we will tell you all the details.

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Dangerous reasons why you should never wipe your nose with toilet paper, says PROFECO

In general, we should not use toilet paper to clean our noses under any circumstances, because taking into account the manufacture and composition of this product, when doing this practice it releases tiny dust that can be breathed, so as As the Federal Office for Consumer Protection revealed in one of its studies, it ends up getting lodged in our lungs, which can pose a potential risk to our health.

In this regard, some studies, mainly among paper mill workers, suggest that this may be associated with a higher prevalence of worsening lung function and impaired lung function, since they are exposed to much higher amounts of these ingredients. , but it must be taken into account that this group is at a much higher risk of exposure than the rest of the population.

Toilet paper, on the other hand, is known to be much rougher than other types of products and therefore tends to irritate our skin when doing this, especially if it is done regularly. Additionally, we must also take into account that this is specifically manufactured so that it dissolves under humidity and friction, such as what happens in toilets, so it may not be as effective as other types of materials when performing this activity.

Now you know that wiping your nose with toilet paper is not a recommended habit and in this case it is better to use specialized products such as paper towels.

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