Dangers of eating rice or pasta that has been in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours

he rice waves spaghetti Which foods are leftovers They are often kept in ‘tuppers’ for the future reheat them In the microwave.Although this measure can avoid appropriate food technologist Beatrice Robles Already warned Serious consequences This approach can have consequences for us healthy.

“We can’t countless There are no days when he has been there refrigerator Not even the number of times we did it. reheat”, the expert begins her put one’s oar in in the program know how to live.

at most once

As Robles defended on the show healthy and Welfare proposer Miriam Morenothe leftover food we put in the lunch box “We only need to reheat it once”.

In addition, experts also emphasized that “Typical Case” of spaghetti or ricethe product has microorganism as Bacillus cereusVery durable temperature Lift: “As the cycle overheat we can do it germination spores and begin to appear toxin from those bacteriawhich can produce a acute gastroenteritis“, he assured. “That’s serious topicalthough in principle (food) comes with smell and a tastes great“,it’s over.

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