Daniel Radcliffe, what confused the actor of the Harry Potter saga: history

For the world it will always be Harry Potterhowever, in the years since the end of the saga, Daniel Radcliffe he worked very hard, earning the respect of both directors and colleagues TV it’s on big screendemonstrating that he does not want to live off the fame given to him very successful series. During a recent interview, the actor revealed something that he it was awkward a lot on the set, like the most famous wizard in the world. Let’s find out together what it is.

Daniel Radcliffe, what confused him about the Harry Potter saga

This year he was in the room with Ben two productions. Despite the success he achieved as a child with Harry Potteractor Daniel Radcliffe in recent years he has tried to free himself from this role and Don’t get stuck in it as happened before with many of his colleagues who became famous suddenly and even in childhood.

And he seems to have succeeded, because although every time something is written about him, one cannot fail to mention the wizard born from the pen J.K. Rowlingactor 34 years Today he has one under his belt long series of films To movie AND theater showin which he found himself grew up very professionally from the age of twelve he was chosen for this role.

IN recent interview during promotion Lost Citynear Sandra Bullock AND Channing Tatumthe actor revealed that there was at least one thing on set that it was terribly awkward. That is, it is necessary dress like a schoolboyWith Hogwarts uniform And coat. Radcliffe then added that as he grew up and now, looking back, he thinks that’s it, “Very cool

In memory of Michael Gambon

In recent days, unfortunately, fans of the saga of wizards Hogwarts they should have said Goodbye To very favorite actorthat is Michael Gambon. Translator, died at the age of 82lent his face main and Harry Potter’s mentor, Albus is silentsince the movie Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkabantaking over the shift Richard Harris.

Radcliffe a lot heartbroken For disappearance The actor, who is beloved and highly regarded by fans for his portrayal of the most powerful wizard in Rowling’s universe, joined his other castmates in sharing tender memory.

In fact he explained that Gambonand generous actorthis was also one a man of incredible culture. Talking to him off set could mean we might be talking about activebut also from Dueling pistols of the 19th century.. Incredible man ironic AND playfuland professional from incredible concentration skills. These are tender words Daniel before:

He could play moments before a take. and try your best right after the camera starts spinning..

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