Daniel Sancho and his new attitude in prison ahead of trial

A case in which the protagonist is the main character Daniel Sancho It’s almost over.The chef is still in jail SuMei Island until he was convicted of ending his life Edwin Arrieta.However, the attitude of admitting the murderer Big changes due to the events of the past few weekswhich would affect the future of the case he has been involved in for months.

Chef drops act of cooperating with police, expresses completely different stance He has shown this since he confessed to murdering the Colombian surgeon. According to sources close to the investigation, Daniel Sancho is deeply disturbed and angry at the new judicial horizon he faces before he is charged.

first, On October 26, the chef did not appear before the judge because no Spanish interpreter was present So that the defendant understands the charges he is facing.New hearing date is next Sancho will receive legal protection on November 13 This was a request he made when he was sentenced by the Thai judicial system.

Angry over leaks

Rodolfo Sancho’s son has new lawyer Grit Sudthanom, although he refused to meet with a lawyer or have any kind of contact. “He could have gone to prison to see him, but he doesn’t want to go now. He remains silent,” the lawyer assures on everyone’s lips. It is unclear whether this refusal was due to intense discomfort on the part of the defendants or whether it was due to a strategy developed by the Spanish defense.

That’s not all, Daniel’s change of attitude is also due to the numerous leaks that have occurred over the past few weeks.. His first photo from a Thai prison, where the chef’s newly shaven look can be seen, or his intention to pay bail twice did not sit well with the inmates. “Daniel twice attempted to pay bail to be temporarily released from prison, but his request was denied.”

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