Daniela Celis on being pregnant with twins: “It was difficult for me…” :: News from Lomas de Zamora

Daniela Sellis Twins are waiting nearby Thiagoa couple starts at home big brother He continues to lose touch with reality.

The young model made a photo and took to social networks to tell in detail how she is coping with her pregnancy.

“Until one day you realize everything changes, my mind is no longer the same, my priorities, my worries… and most importantly my body, I wake up every morning and look in the mirror and realize Something new (a mark, a blemish, cellulite, etc.) Your legs are swollen, your feet are heavy, your back, hips and knees hurt and I don’t want to do my hair or put on makeup just to be able to rest for another 5 minutes,” she began to say.

“Sleepless nights and days around the clock, I started to get more and more irritable, it was hard to walk, my clothes didn’t fit, I was adding a new size every week, and I no longer knew what to wear or how to behave. Nothing came after , you feel something in your stomach, yes, their kicks, those movements made me realize that it was all worth it, there is not much time left to see you, to get to know each other, to hold each other, to let We’re full of kisses!” he continued.

“Pregnancy is beautiful! Giving life is wonderful and I am so blessed to know that I have two little souls and two beating hearts inside me! This process is not beautiful and I am learning! I want to share this lesson with you because it It’s so hard for me to do that. Deep down, I haven’t felt so beautiful and confident about myself in a long time, seen myself in a photo and loved it! One time they told me, Mom’s M No Photos should be taken away from me. M is for woman! Here I feel radiant in my best moments, with two babies in my belly who have given everything for them and me and are waiting for them in this life , and at the same time I feel them, they listen to me through my skin,” he concluded.

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