Danish musician Trentemoeller on Flava beach in Castel Volturno

Danish musician Trentemoeller on Flava beach in Castel Volturno

For the first time in Campania, on Saturday, September 9, at the magnificent location of Flava Beach in Castel Volturno, there will be an outstanding live performance by the great Danish musician and producer Trentemøller. A magical encounter between the worlds of indie and electronica with a hint of kraut rock, promising to take the audience on a memorable and introspective sonic journey. The event was organized by SubCulture in collaboration with the eclectic Rockalvi and the gates are scheduled to open at 22.00.

Trentemoeller will take the stage with the band, ready to give the audience a concert that masterfully blends deep introspection and dark sounds with influences ranging from noise rock to electronic pop. The repertoire will be mainly based on her latest album, which has attracted the attention of music lovers all over the world.

The evening will begin with a live electronic performance by Not Me But Us, a duo made up of two talents from the Neapolitan music scene: Bruno Bavota and Fabrizio Somma, best known for their collaborations with prestigious labels such as Temporary Residence and Believe Records. . Born under the shadow of Vesuvius, these two artists have come together in a unique project that has led them to create an exceptional album entitled “Two”, which will be released in March 2024 via London’s Sonic Cathedral label.

After extraordinary live performances, the evening will continue with the Unconventional Party, where DJ sets by Slevin Korei, Demon, Safiria and Whip will keep the audience in awe until the first light of dawn.

The music of Anders Trentemöller is a true journey into unexplored musical dimensions, where indie is masterfully combined with electronics and kraut rock. His live performance is enriched by the presence of the outstanding Icelandic artist Disa, who will bring his captivating voice and guitar skills to the audience. The lineup will include Silas Tinglef on drums, Brian Butz on guitar (also known as the inspiration behind the dream pop/shoegaze band Sleep Party People) and Jacob Haubjerg on bass, a musician with extensive experience in both Sleep Party People and Savage. Rose, as well as his indie pop/post-punk project Luster. Also on stage, we can enjoy the incredible work of legendary lighting designer Leroy Bennett, known for his amazing work with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney.

An unforgettable evening of electronic and indie music, a unique event in Southern Italy.

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