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We caught up with the Tigers’ new mentor.He doesn’t want to make predictions, he prefers to work

It seems that this marriage Danny Miranda Agramonte For baseball, it will be forever. It’s no coincidence that 15 years after he bid farewell to his career as an athlete, the sport remains at the center of his life, and of course his family. Now, being appointed director of the Tigers is a reward for his perseverance as a manager in all categories.

Because the native of Chabas has no qualms about being the director of provincial and national schools, youth teams, under-23 tournaments and even the provincial women’s football team. Overall, it can be said that the cadre policy is word for word.

“As an athlete I have a vision for the game, but as a coach it’s different to analyze and hypothesize about it. I’ve definitely learned a lot over the years, but I’m sure I still have a lot to learn. “All around me Both are very knowledgeable coaches and I hope to form a great management team with them. “

When you take over the Tigers, this team no longer has the quality of the team that brought Avellana fans three championships. What is the most realistic goal for the upcoming campaign?

— If now, in early October, when we’re six months out from this series, I start saying whether this team is bad, average, or good, that’s not serious. There is still a long time before training. Now, when we have payroll and can judge its true level, don’t expect to hear from me whether we will increase or decrease.

Does this mean you don’t like predictions?

——I think it’s up to journalists or experts to make predictions. For those of us who are going to be leading the team, what we have to do is make sure that everyone who takes the field is fully prepared and has a collective mindset. There are many examples of “star teams” that disappoint, and there are many examples of humble teams that surprise more than once.

Next Sunday the 15th Provincial Championships will begin. What are your expectations for a new Tigers character to emerge?

– Of course, it would be great if young players can stand out, but this tournament should also help us see the individual details we have to work with each athlete. You already know there will be no renewal. All programs will have a coaching staff present and technical analysis will be available each week.

Danny and I have discussed other topics, but I don’t want to burden the reader with his perspective from now on. There will be time before, during and after the 63rd edition of Cuban Baseball.

However, the Olympic champion gave me two answers in an interview on December 26, 2021, two answers that define him as a person, and I end this conversation with this.

About his character: I don’t even know how to answer you because it’s really not easy for me. I had and still have the way I live my life, and “repeat in the batter’s box” can’t change it; and, I feel good that way. Let me be clear, for some people I am because they heard things from me that they didn’t want to hear. But you can write, yes, I am a “pesao”. If you may, please add that it is a great honor.

Will Danny become the director of Tigers? : certainly! …I never stop thinking big. As an athlete, I’m not a champion, but I dream of becoming a manager one day.

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