Dates, who can make an appointment and how to make an appointment

The Public Health Commission determines that vaccinations will begin in the last week of September 2023

On Tuesday, the Public Health Committee, composed of representatives of all autonomous regions and the Ministry of Health, updated the criteria for the next flu vaccination campaign and Coronavirusand determined Starting from the last week of September and during October. Therefore, this 2023 Promote influenza vaccination campaign.

The Autonomous Community of Madrid has not yet indicated on the health website When will you start getting vaccinated?But he is expected to point that out in the coming days.

What we can already know is that Who can get the flu vaccine? Take into account the standards of previous events.

Who can get the flu vaccine

  • Over 60 years old.
  • health and social care staff.
  • female pregnant during any trimester of pregnancy
  • Minors under 60 years old chronic disease Background medical conditions or other conditions that put you at high risk for complications from influenza.
  • People who can spread the flu to other high-risk groups. For example, caregiver of patients.
  • people who do basic services: Civil defense, army, police…

How to make an appointment for a flu shot

As soon as the Madrid health service confirms the deadline for starting the campaign against influenza, citizens will be able to Make an Appointment for a Flu Vaccine in primary care centres.

User must Request an appointment at your health center By phone, the Madrid Community website or the Cita Health mobile app.

Why should you get your annual flu shot?

he Influenza viruses evolve every year Change its antigenic properties. This is why annual vaccinations are recommended, as these vaccines include the last 3 or 4 subtypes of the virus.

Combined vaccine with Covid

For the third fall in a row, flu vaccination campaigns COVID-19 Vaccinationwill jointly manage citizens who make requests.

The vaccines they will receive starting from the last week of September and October, according to the organization of each community, are “best” vaccines adapted to the new variants; in Europe, only Pfizercalled Comirnaty Ómicron XBB.1.5, has received support from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Commission.

There are other candidates: modernauthorized yesterday in the United States, and Novavax Unlike the first two, it is not messenger RNA, Efe reports.

According to the following standards

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