David Alonso scores first World Cup win for Colombia

SILVERSTONE (UK), 6 August (EFE) – David Alonso (Gas Gas) wins with a ‘heart attack’ on the final lap of the Moto3 British Grand Prix at Silverstone , giving Colombia its first victory in the MotoGP World Championship.

Alonso, although born in Madrid, holds a Colombian license due to his mother’s nationality, and was in last position on the grid, riding for the first time at Silverstone, but that wasn’t a problem, nor was he starting from the back , because there are many training problems.

Jorge Martinez’s pupil “Asper”, who won the Red Bull Rookie Cup and Genius Cup, knows how to climb the podium without making mistakes.

World Championship leader Daniel Holgado extended his provisional championship lead by finishing third, but then Honda driver Jaume Masiá was Falling made a mistake that cost him points after finishing 18th.

Holgado leads the standings with 141 points, 22 points ahead of second-placed Japanese rider Ayumi Sasaki at Silverstone, while Jaume Masiá is third behind KTM 32 points for the driver.

Briton Scott Ogden was the first involuntary protagonist on the grid despite taking the first grid position, failing to start his motorcycle on the warm-up lap, though he managed to overcome the situation , but now ranks himself in the final Moto3 starting formation position.

Ogden did not despair, and from the last position he began to climb positions to “charm” the lead group, finishing 18th and trying to improve his final position of 17th.

After the lights went out, Spanish rider Jaume Masiá (Honda), creator of the best practice time, was the fastest driver of the time, followed by Turkish rider Deniz Öncü (KTM), who took the Briton’s first turn Slight slip and fall in the road. On the track, World Championship leader Daniel Holgado (KTM) finished third.

At the end of the first round, Öncü was the first leader, followed by Masiá, Holgado, Japanese Husqvarna and Spanish driver Ivan Alto La (Iván Ortolá) (KTM) and Xavier Artigas (CFMoto).

Behind was Spaniard David Alonso (Gas Gas), who has a Colombian license, and started from 28th to join Jaume Masiá in ninth after just two laps, although he crashed a lap later Then lost the lead.

Macia, who is second in the world championships and 16 points behind Holgado, crashed while pulling hard in the fourth corner and possibly stepped on a dirty area of ​​the track as the track opened up too much .

On the third lap, David Alonso was already battling for the lead with Holgado, Brazilian rider Diogo Moreira (KTM), Ayumi Sasaki and the entire home team of as many as 11 riders in the same second. Jaume Masiá tries to be the fastest pilot on the track.

The battle for the lead group was led by David Alonso on lap six, losing to Japanese driver Ayumi Sasaki, causing other drivers to join the group from behind.

Alonso tried to consolidate his lead with a change of pace, Turkish driver Deniz Öncü caught up on lap seven, but the rest of the main group were not surprised and made an immediate move Response, maintained complete unity.

After Alonso, it was Daniel Holgado’s turn to take the lead. From the eighth lap, Jaume Masiá was already 20 seconds behind the leading group, only more than ten seconds behind, when the Eighteen drivers still lead seven laps

Ayumi Sasaki was next to ‘join the fray’ and on the eleventh of fifteen laps of the race, nothing was yet to be decided, although the group lost two cars in the rear, Japan’s Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda) and Italy Man Matteo Bertelle (KTM), seventeen.

The last two laps were heartbreaking, with all the drivers closing the gaps to millimeters, with countless fairing touches at nearly every corner.

On the last lap, Daniel Holgado took the lead, with David Alonso, Deniz Öncü and Iván Ortolá ) follows and is in the lead.

The overtaking was frantic and left no room for his opponents, but David Alonso, who struck like a kamikaze, deftly overtook Japan’s Ayumi Sasaki in the final corner to claim the Colombian’s first win . In second place was world leader Daniel Holgado in third.

Iván Ortolá finished fourth ahead of David Muñoz who started 27th, David Salvador (KTM), Brazilian Dior Diogo Moreira (KTM) and Spaniard José Antonio Rueda (KTM).

Juan Antonio Liados

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