David Beckham: “Messi’s arrival is a gift to the United States and Major League Soccer”

Inter Miami’s 2023 MLS season ends with Herons’ results Main Attraction Lionel Messi Arrival, He led the team to win the first League Cup championship in history.

Now, while both Miami and Messi are on leave until early 2024, team co-owner Jorge Mas David Beckham has once again spoken out about the impact Argentina’s ’10’ have had on Major League Soccer over the past few months.

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Speaking to AFP, the former England international and player for the likes of LA Galaxy, Real Madrid, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United assured: Messi’s emergence has revolutionized perceptions of Major League Soccer and revealed why Inter Miami chose his arrival as they seek to advance football at every level in the United States.

“When someone tells me Lionel Messi plays for Inter Miami, I still can’t believe it. As an owner I am very proud to own it. We know that having Leo come to the United States and not just to Miami is a gift to the United States and to Major League Soccer.. Guys like him changed everything and inspired an entire generation of players. That’s why we wanted Leo to join the team. Of course we also want to win titles and be the best club in the league. But one of the reasons for signing him was Leo’s ability to be an inspiration to the next generation of players in the United States. “It made me want to be a footballer and Messi has that power,” Beckham explained to AFP.

Messi’s stats from his first season at Inter Miami

all Messi played 15 games in his first season at Inter Miami, which also included a final friendly against New York City to commemorate the Ballon d’Or.In that game, he scored a total of 11 goals and 4 assists, winning his first League Cup championship.

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