David Beckham Quits Diageo Haig Club Whiskey Brand

David Beckham has decided not to partner with the Diageo Haig Club whiskey brand, but we don’t even know why (quote by Max Pezzali)

Divorce in sight David Beckham. No, you get the idea: he’s not leaving Victoria. It’s an alcohol divorce since David Beckham decided to leave his family. partnership with Diageo Haig Club whiskey. If you’re wondering why, we don’t know: The end of the partnership was confirmed by Diageo, who only mentioned the fact that Beckham is open to dedicate himself to other activities.

What will David Beckham focus on after Haig Club whiskey?

David Beckham football player

It’s not that David Beckham lacks other things to do, mind you. According to a Diageo spokesperson, the company fully supported David’s decision to leave the Haig Club in focus on other activities.

The ritual words are obviously not that they can say anything else, but it would be nice to add a little more indiscretion. All that is known so far is that the official news about the termination of the relationship between David Beckham and Whiskey brand Haig Club preceded by the fact that the brand’s official social media profiles scotch whiskey within a week they suddenly became private.

Again, without explaining anything, what made fans contemplate ending this partnership. This is also due to the fact that the collaboration between Beckham and this brand of whiskey lasted for about ten years: in fact, since 2014, the footballer has been the star of several advertising campaigns brand.

According to the first leaked rumors, Diageo is currently looking for someone who replace David Beckham as the face of the Haig Club Whiskey, but Diageo reportedly denied the rumor.

Curious that David Beckham is still co-owner of the MLS Inter Miami club (the one that recently hired Lionel Messi), a team including, among other things, their own Haig Club among sponsors team officers.

According to the most accepted fan theories, David Beckham has ended his partnership with the Haig Club as he plans to throw tequila. And who among the stars does not launch his own brand of wines, liquors, tequila, whiskey or something else? Without bothering Brad Pitt, Emma Watson also recently did the same, just as Nicolas Cage would like to launch his own brand of bourbon.

In the meantime, a Diageo spokesperson said they are looking forward to seeing David expand his own business portfolio over the next few years (am I the only one noticing the passive-aggressive tone in that statement?), and then thanked him for his hard work and dedication to the Haig club.

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