David McCallum, star of NCIS and Uncle, has died at the age of 90.

One of the iconic television actors of the 1960s has passed away: David McCallum. The 90-year-old actor died of natural causes NYsurrounded by your closest ones.

Became famous thanks to the 1964 TV series ‘Operation Uncle‘, McCallum also participated in such famous films as ‘Great Escapein 1963. From there, McCallum continued his prolific career, also appearing in 457 episodes of the hit series. NCIS.

NCIS Network, CBSwanted to publish a statement in memory of the actor.

David McCallum’s long career

David McCallum’s first steps in the acting field date back to the early 1960s: his roles in such films as “The Great Escape” and “The Greatest Story Ever Told” are especially noteworthy.

However, his fame was brought to him by the spy series “Operation UNCLE” (which inspired the creation of the film of the same name by director Guy Ritchie 2015). The success of the series was also noticeable because at that time this genre was quite popular thanks to the first James Bond films starring Sean Connery.

The series aired from 1964 to 1968, and even today the series has many fans who often organize marathons and then comment on the episodes on “X” or “Instagram”.

Another role that made McCallum known to viewers of a new generation is, undoubtedly, the role of Doctor Callum.

Donald Mallard in the famous TV series “NCIS”. The actor has taken part in 457 episodes of the show since 2003.

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Salute CBS

Here are the words of the CBS press release: “David was a very gifted actor who was loved by many people around the world. “He lived an incredible life and his legacy will live on through his family and all his acting endeavors that will never fade.”

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