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Netflix releases a teaser trailer for Chicken: Dawn of the Nuggets, the stop-motion sequel that explores the return of Melisha Tweedy, better known as Mrs. Tweedy, Gaia’s nemesis.

The images show for the first time Mrs. Tweedy, voiced by stage, film and television actress Miranda Richardson.

Also joining the cast is British actor, comedian, director and screenwriter Peter Serafinowicz, who voices Reginald Smith, a humorless businessman who, along with Tweedy, poses a new, even greater threat to the birds.

Director Sam Fell says: “They say a movie is only as good as its villain, and Gaia’s enemy, Mrs. Tweedy, is one of the best vengeful villains in Dawn of the Nuggets. Working with Miranda Richardson to transform her into 1960s supervillain Melisha Tweedy was a pleasure. Miranda manages to perfectly blend drama and comedy, making her laugh and scare at the same time. Rounding out our fantastic cast is Peter Serafinowicz as Reginald Smith, a somewhat bewildered businessman visiting Mrs. Tweedy’s giant nugget factory. It takes a special kind of comedic genius to take on Miranda Richardson’s incredibly frightening supervillain. Peter does it with natural sophistication.”


Academy Award and BAFTA Award-winning Aardman Animation Company (Consolation of Creatures, Wallace and Gromit and Shaun, Sheep), in collaboration with Academy Award-winning and BAFTA-nominated director Sam Fell ( ParaNorman & Flushing presents Chickens on the Run: Dawn of the Nuggets, the highly anticipated sequel to the hit and highest-grossing animated film of all time, Chicken.

Barely escaping Tweedy’s farm, Gaia has finally found the place of her dreams: a peaceful retreat on an island for an entire chicken coop, away from man-made dangers. When she and Rocky give birth to a baby chick named Molly, a happy ending seems close at hand. But on land, the entire Gallic race must face a new and terrible threat. For Gaia and her gang, their long-awaited freedom may be in jeopardy, but this time they will stop at nothing!


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