Days after purchasing the $3.3 billion NBA franchise from Michael Jordan, rapper J Cole calls out Colin Kaepernick to join Aaron Rodgers’ new team

Fueled by his love for basketball, J. Cole left a lasting mark on the sports world. In his music, he constantly references players and basketball terms. However, he further cemented his connection to the game. In his most recent move, he signed a deal with Michael Jordan to acquire a stake in the Charlotte Hornets. Earlier, Kerr was in discussions to join a tryout with the Detroit Pistons. When that didn’t happen, the rapper took his talents to the professional leagues as a player. In addition, he performed well in the 2019 All-Star Game and even performed a bold dunk, showing his childlike enthusiasm for the sport.

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Recently, Cole has expanded his athletic horizons into football. He expressed deep admiration for the veteran quarterback. He even supported the veteran through challenging phases, reflecting his relentless journey to pursue his passion.

J. Kerr issues call for Jets, backs Colin Kaepernick


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The New York Jets are in a precarious position after Aaron Rodgers injured his Achilles tendon. They relied on Zach Wilson to secure the win. However, the results were far from ideal. This dilemma has fans upset because the team appears to be pairing Wilson with a seasoned veteran quarterback. The Jets currently have a record of 1 win and 2 losses. As a result, even Joe Namath has called for a change at the quarterback position. However, coach Robert Saleh confirmed Wilson’s starting status while holding the entire lineup accountable.

Amid these developments, Jets quarterback Colin Kaepernick has taken aggressive steps to fill the void. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback penned a heartfelt letter expressing his desire to join the Jets. With Kaepernick’s approval, J Cole made the appeal via his social media. The letter, dated Thursday, September 21, 2023, thrust Colin Kaepernick into the spotlight as a potential addition.

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While sharing the heartfelt letter, J. Cole revealed that Kaepernick initially had reservations about sharing the letter with the public. However, Cole believes people and other organizations need to understand Kaepernick’s unwavering work ethic and desire. After an in-depth conversation between the two friends, Kaepernick finally agreed.

The letter gave off the feeling of careful planning and thorough investigation by Kaepernick. He directly addresses the New York Jets’ recent challenges, clarifying their goals and pointing out their shortcomings. Furthermore, Kaepernick confidently emphasized how his unique qualities could be the key to achieving their aspirations.

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In addition, Collin is committed to keeping the defense at its best every week. Additionally, he further outlines the best-case and worst-case scenarios for this induction.


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Colin has not played professionally for 7 years

Kaepernick has been absent from the NFL since 2016. He has previously knelt in protest during the national anthem to highlight issues of systemic racism and police brutality. He became a free agent after the season and remains unsigned. The incident led many to speculate that his exclusion was due to his behavior on the field.

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Additionally, Kaepernick and Eric Reid expressed dissatisfaction with the NFL in 2017. He alleged collusion under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. Furthermore, I suggested that the league and its big names had subtly conspired to deprive him of his place in the sport. Their filing said this happened because of Kaepernick’s advocacy for equality and social justice and his stance on illuminating racial disparities in America. In 2019, Reid and Kaepernick reached a settlement with the NFL.


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Although Kaepernick has experienced some struggles in the league in the past, he has always expressed a strong desire to return to the NFL. Prior to this letter, he had participated in a workout with the Las Vegas Raiders in May 2022. However, there was no sign of a contract being signed.

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