DC Studios: 10 reasons to be skeptical of new projects

DC Studios 10 reasons to be skeptical

After announcing the new plans for the new DC Studios, James Gunn he had his work cut out for him. The DC universe has not always shone for quality especially when compared to its counterpart, the Marvel. Right from mcuGunn e Peter Safran who take the income from the studios create their own new phases of restarts which will be used to manage the DC superheroes. The first chapter, already announced, will be titled “Gods and Monsters” and will kick off in 2025. Fans have reason to believe that it will be difficult to do well as the superhero market is now saturated. These are the 10 reasons to be skeptical about the new projects that will arrive.

10Eliminate some of the old actors from the DCEU

Jason Momoa Aquaman

Starting with the most obvious issue, the elimination of all the actors we are used to associate with these characters has already made people sour about the new direction of this franchise. Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa And Gal Gadot they gave good performances of these famous comic book characters, that people were excited to see again. The biggest blow, however, is the departure of Henry Cavill in the role of Superman. After his role had been hanging in the balance for many years, it was finally confirmed that she would return as a character in Black Adams. Then, just a few weeks later, it was confirmed that Cavill wouldn’t be returning to the new DC Universe.

Fan reaction hasn’t been positive to say the least. They asked for the dismissal of Gunnwith the hashtag #FireJamesGunn trending on Twitter. Gunn and Safran’s desire to shed all the baggage of the former is understandable DCEUbut it is still a painful loss for the fans, who will hardly be able to accept the new reboot.

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