De Gea rejects invitation to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, points to Messi’s Inter Milan

The goalkeeper defended Spain’s goal one day and is a Spanish legend. Manchester United, David de Gea, is still free, but that may change soon.And, after rejecting the request from Nasser of cristiano ronaldoits future may be related to inter miamiwhere will he meet Leo Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

The 33-year-old was released last summer after 12 seasons at Manchester United and has never found a destination that suits him.Nor can it be Saudi Arabiarefused his money due to family reasons and differences between partners, edurnetowards middle East.

De Gea will therefore not be reunited with one of his former team-mates in the Champions League. Red DevilsCristiano Ronaldo, but he can do it with Messi, a player he has faced many times. An offer of £500,000 was not enough to convince the goalkeeper, who is regarded as an icon of the Arab club.

In fact, as reported sunUnited even considered bringing him back in the short term as their starting goalkeeper, Andre Onanawill be away for a month African Cup of Nations and Cameroon.Their relationship would be short-lived, but Inter Miami David Beckham De Gea’s future is likely to be decided in the coming weeks.

De Gea still free after nearly six months

This summer, the Madrid native ends his 12-year career. old traffordafter excelling in elite competition in his first year atletico madrid. He spent almost his entire sports career there, and there were many shadows that led to his current situation. 33 years old, participated in more than 400 games super league and nearly 100 Europeyou are standing still, waiting for an offer that will seduce you.

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