De Nisi (Dien), promising musician

In the last period we have heard a lot about young people who have found themselves at the center of various news affairs and have caused discussions in newspapers and television salons. Among the topics covered, a particularly common one is how social media influences teenagers who, due to low visibility, end up committing dangerous or even deplorable acts.

If this is a reality that we are increasingly witnessing, then it is also true that it represents only one side of the coin. In fact, social media also offers enormous opportunities such as the ability to interact and connect a large number of people, even on the other side of the world.

For young talent, this can really make a difference, allowing them to shine and become a real springboard to success. International singers such as The Weeknd and Shawn Mendes, as well as Italian artists such as Benji and Fede, are just some of the names who started singing on YouTube or Tik Tok and who are real celebrities today. In fact, thanks to this tool, it won’t take much time to get started and who knows, maybe luck or rather some record label will knock on the door.

The young talent became the hero of the latest interview conducted Information company.
Alessandro Giacomo De Nisiin art Dien, a twenty-year-old Roman born into a family of musicians. Surrounded by music from an early age, he studied the violin for several years, which allowed him to deepen his knowledge of classical music, which, however, was not his path.

At age 14, partly for fun and partly out of a need to express himself, he began composing his first works as a teenager while still at school. “As soon as I wrote the first text, I spontaneously had the idea to lay a foundation for it, to find a way to stage a production to complete this small work,” explains the young man. “From there, I contacted a graphic designer who still supports me in my work and who was producing at the time, and I did the first basics with him.”

Thus, with the support of friends and family, Dien wrote his first songs. An interesting experience, but still very difficult, which pushed him a little later to find a recording studio and trust the professionals.

Inspired by Italian artists such as Lazza and Shiva, as well as Australian singer-songwriter The Kid Laroi, the young Roman creates pop music: “In particular, I’m trying to bring or give life to this new genre, which is love trap“, where the sound remains trap, but the classic themes of this musical genre, i.e. drugs, alcohol and addiction, leave room for emotions.

Determined to make music his life, Dien is aware of the uncertainty of this world and the difficulties he will face along the way, but he does not allow himself to become discouraged: “I like a challenge,” he enthuses.

After releasing his summer song entitled “Call baby” and created in collaboration with the United States, he now has a big project in mind that he will launch soon. His dream? This is going on stage surrounded by many future fans.

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To watch the video of the song CALL THE CHILD click HERE.

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