Deadpool 3 Ben Affleck in sight? All-star cast expected

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Deadpool 3 Ben Affleck and many goodies ahead? What’s certain is that the hype around this new chapter of Marvel’s most foul-mouthed superhero is skyrocketing. Perhaps it is precisely because so many “stars” seem to be involved in this adventure. Enthusiast forums are hot. If at least half of the assumptions fashionable these hours turn out to be true, this film promises to be a sensation. Director Schwan Levy wants to impress fans from all over the world and is now unveiling a name that, as an actor, has been able to move both DC cosmogony (as Bruce Wayne) and Stan Lee cosmogony (as lawyer Matt Murdock). Here’s what’s true and what role ex-boyfriend Jennifer Garner will play.

Deadpool 3 Ben Affleck, presence in the triquel

An old popular saying goes that sometimes “it rains in wet weather”, but in this case the hue changes from negative to positive. In fact, there was already a lot of hype around this title, because it brought back to life that Wolverine that Hugh Jackman buried after his retirement, announced a while ago. The production, however, doesn’t feel overdone, and it looks like Marvel’s next blockbuster will be even bigger than expected. The background from which he was born is explained on the Cinemablend industry blog as follows:

In May it was announced that James Marsden’s Cyclops, Fame Janssen’s Jean Grey, and Halle Berry’s The Storm would be released, effectively making it a mutated version of Spider-Man: No Way Out. Home”. But now there are rumors that Ben Affleck, another actor associated with 20th Century Fox’s Marvel films, may be involved, and the trumpet is blowing.

Social media chatter

What Ben Affleck to appear in Deadpool 3 this is starting to be supported by many on the web. According to Twitter user KC Walsh, also known as @TheComixKid, it looks like this:

“Affleck was seen on the set of Deadpool 3 and the triquel began principal photography in England late last month!”

What’s certain is that this user doesn’t know exactly who Affleck is playing, but it’s natural to think he’s wearing red. daredevil, dressed to varying degrees in the 2003 feature film. So likely, but not sure. However, this is not the only option. It could also be that international Ben was in the UK for personal reasons and just wanted to go to the set. On the other hand, Reynolds himself said that he is often confused with Affleck, and therefore, perhaps, these two finally decided to meet and see for themselves whether this resemblance is real or not.


For joy Fans of the Marvel UniverseHowever, the most widely accepted theory is that, given the definite presence of some of the main characters in the original X-Men trilogy, along with rumors of a 2005 Fantastic Four involvement, it’s not all that unlikely that Affleck’s Daredevil, a fellow Fox era hero, is, too. got into this movie. We can only wait and … hope.

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