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Tamara FalcoIt is a reference not only in the world of fashion, but also in the kitchen.Brought to us by the Marchioness of Whymper and the Chef Recipes full of flavor We can include it in Christmas menu As an appetizer, it left our diners mouth-opening. The main ingredient of this recipe is very economical because it is handmade. Egg and potato base. The chic touch is made of Boletus (If you can’t find fresh, you can buy dehydrated) and Truffles.

Tamara Falco uses truffle ‘uber melanosporum’ fresh, but if this ingredient makes your budget soar, you can use The juice packaging of the truffle itself There was even a bit of tartufato (truffle cream), which was much cheaper. So no excuses, let’s get to work!

This recipe prepared by Tamara Falcó is Potato Parmentier with porcini mushrooms, poached eggs and truffles. This is a very easy dish to make at home as the biggest difficulty is preparing the poached eggs. However, it’s not complicated at all if you follow the steps we tell you below, so let’s take a look at the recipe in detail!

fish soup.

Healthy and delicious

Very easy and delicious recipe of the day: the most delicious and quick fish soup for winter and Christmas

Tamara Falcó’s delicious Christmas appetizers

This Potato Parmentier Recipe Poached eggs, porcini and truffles by Tamara Falcó Perfect to serve as an appetizer to your guests at Christmas dinner or lunch. Now that these dates are approaching, I’m sure you’re already starting to think of some menus or dishes that you could use. Surprise your guestsrecord!

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