Demet Ozdemir in Italy, Turkish actress in Milan at The Weeknd concert, secret meeting with Can Yaman?

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Demet Ozdemir in Italy, the Turkish actress made it to Milan to attend a concert Weekend VSny La Maura Racecourse.

Today she was seen happy and carefree in the company of her friends after lunch at a historic restaurant in Montenapoleone “Sausage Maker”.

We know her especially for being Sanem in a soap called “DayDreamer – Dream Wings”, for which she is so loved in Italy. Some gossip portrays her as being close to fellow actor Can Yaman and rumors are growing about their current attendance.

Among the most famous, Alessandro Rosica does not rule out a possible secret meeting between them, which, however, as he foresees, cannot be hidden for so long. Whether their secret meeting takes place in Italy or directly in Turkey, we still do not know, and these would only be speculations.

We just have to explore additional details.

Today, Milan welcomes the actress, who wasted no time in posting some photos on Instagram with enthusiasm. Let’s see them together.

Demet Ozdemir in Italy

Everything can be read starting from the Instagram stories posted by the Turkish actress on her profile. The first clips take frames directly from the concert Weekendheld last night, 27 July, atSny La Maura Racecourse from Milan.

The actress took selfies at the concert and beyond. She had lunch in Milan, and then walked along the streets of the city with her friends. In photos taken by passers-by, she is wearing a creamy white dress with a plunging neckline, embellished with stars and embroidery. She wears an impressive Egyptian-style necklace with an orange stone in the center. On her feet are brown slave sandals.

Just two hours ago Demet Ozdemir posted on his account several carousel photos with the caption “Başlayalım”, accompanied by a flame emoji.

The word is translated as “begin”.

Subsequently, many Italian fans and users were happy to welcome the actress to Milan.

Presumably, the footage shows the actress in a hotel room. On the side background of the wall we read the inscription “private space”.

News Demet Ozdemir dating Can Yaman?

gossip expert Alexander Rositsa, (also known as Investigatore Social), broke Turkish gossip news to its followers a few days ago. In particular, he spoke about the actor Maybe Yaman and from Demet Oezdemir that they would never lose touch despite being each other’s former comrades.

Rosika posted on social media:

“These two are not just friends today, they are constantly talking. “

I do not exclude the possibility of paparazzi between them in the future, today together they are one of the most reserved people. I don’t think they can hide forever, impossible. Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir together? Click here for details of the news.

Is Demet Ozdemir dating Can Yaman?

Always Alessandro Rosica put forward a hypothesis regarding the possible meeting of the actress and Can Yaman. Explained:

The Queen is in Italy. Beware of a possible meeting between Demet and Can, it could also take place in Turkey. but now it is very likely.

If they meet, they will be very reserved. Especially Demet, who dresses up when he goes out so that he won’t be recognized, like at The Weeknd’s concert.”

Demet Ozdemir divorced, how did it go

Demet married a singer Oguzhan Koch in August 2022. After many years of friendship, they decided to get together. However, the relationship soon came to an end, a little more than eight months after the wedding, the couple broke up.

Rumors of a crisis have been circulating for some time when it comes to the couple.

Both confirmed the publication of the statement:

“It’s true that we couldn’t make our marriage work and we decided to divorce.

We know that this decision, which we have made with mutual respect, will also affect our families, and we are doing our best to move this process forward in the most sensitive way, without upsetting anyone.”

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