Demi Rose is naked and discreet with body art

WITHI had a bad day and this job is to keep a smile on our face, we take every occasion during these months to be good, even if just for a moment.

Demi Rose, a model who took great care of her curves and impressive hair, exceeded her own limits and could only wear this body, even just a little, except for a few fine lines within a strategically designed and tailored body pattern. to her body, a voluptuous model.

You know how to please your subscribers

She covered her naked body with lines of white paint as if it were a catsuit. The only thing Demi could see was a thin white thong that practically disappeared between the body paintings.

The 29-year-old influencer paired, in some cases, non-existent outfits with a dress that paired pedreria with ballet flats to mimic her hair combed over her head, very much in the style of Mediterranean queens.

The British-born celebrity stood on a rock by the lake, but did not reveal the location of the place, which highlighted the lush beauty of this platinum cat, which I could only highlight her face and enhance her beauty with makeup. in browns and browns, dark shadows around the edges.

“The good planet is here,” said Demi Rose, posting images from the photo shoot on her Instagram account.

Demi is on fire

The model and influencer traveled to the United States to attend the popular alternative music and arts festival Burning Man, one of her favorites, which she has been attending for the past few years.

During the art festival, I used the most modern tools to highlight the beauty and glamor of my body, which has been keeping me in shape thanks to healthy eating for a week now. Demi Rose follows a diet where the fatty foods she consumes are nuts and cocoa powder. The model makes sure that she is very strict in her diet and gains weight easily.

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