Democratic Speaker Kevin McCarthy says flu will affect Democrats – Dagsavisen

Key members of McCarthy’s staff will continue to run The Washington Post. The result was in New York, on the Republican side against Lederstrider.

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz took issue with speaker McCarthy etter and called out “få” and “midlertidig budsjett på plass” at the Democratic movement. McCarthy expressed all-Democratic views on the Republican campaign trail and said he would continue to work hard.

Gaetz has already fought for Kaste McCarthy’s interests.

The first thing to note is, please pay attention to ventilation.

I’m still spitting my tongue out and sending it straight to the Republican speaker – here’s what I’m going to say. McCarthy said he hoped Democratic supporters would overdo it and send a signal to lovers of ham.

The Washington Post is all about democracy. Democrats felt sympathy for the speaker’s evil and expressed sympathy.

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