Demons, Doja Cat scares us with new single

demons this is the name of the band’s new single Doja Cat, available from tonight on all streaming platforms. The song anticipates the release of the rapper’s fourth album, which is scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

as we told you HEREfor the artist, this will be the first all-rap project in his career since multi-platinum pop hits PLANET HER.

Doja Cat’s Demons is out now: watch it online!

from getting this drug spawned a staging that is far from obvious, in which the Dodge Cat lashes out at detractors. The chorus is tinged with rock tones and the artist delivers a simple yet effective rap (click HERE for full lyrics):

I am a puppet, I am a sheep, I am a cash cow /I’m now the fastest growing bitch in all your apps/You tired of me ’cause I’m on your ass now/You mad at me ’cause now I’m all they beat/Now I can take naps/Many people who slept they say that I’m rapping now.The hopes and dreams of many people are now completely shattered.A lot of people say they’ve met me before.”

Along with the audio file, Dodge uploaded the official video of the performance. demons. Already in recent days, we had an unsettling preview that revealed participation Christina Ricci: The actress is best known for playing Wednesday Addams in two films centered on the creepy Cemetery Lane family.

It’s clear how much the Dodge Cat has raised the bar in terms of creativity: every element of her art is, in fact, part of a much larger concept and an expression of sheer artistic maturity.

As expected, the track will appear in Scarletnext will be a new Doja Cat album September 22nd. They will also appear on the tracklist. Attention AND Paint the town red: The second station is currently at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and could top the famous US chart next week.

In recent months, the artist has had the opportunity to devote himself to the development of the concept of the project and the chosen musical direction. As you know, the chosen aesthetic tends to be very dark shades: red witch that Dodja speaks of represents the struggle she had with the media, very often relentless towards her.

In a recent interview with BazaarThe rapper then stated:

“This new album is much more introspective, but not as boring. I want to tell you stories and also share amazing songs – it’s a great combination of both.”

At the moment we do not have more detailed information about Scarlet in the meantime, you just need to recover demons by clicking the Spotify link you will find below… enjoy your listening!

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