Denise from Taylor Swift “Box, painkillers and no handicapped area. We want to live the show”

Simone Ballatore

There is growing support for Silvia Stoyanova, a 35-year-old from Milan, who has launched a petition with almost 36,000 signatures asking for more disabled seats at the San Siro in conjunction with a Taylor Swift concert on July 13 and 14, 2024. , but also more attention to restricted areas, often located in “unfortunate” areas. Up to the point that “those who can avoid them.” Silvia also bought a ticket to the VIP area for 300 euros, but she already knows that she won’t be able to enter because she is in a wheelchair. And it doesn’t fit. His fight arrived in America, on the pages of Variety. “And let’s hope it gets to Taylor soon”: Fingers crossed. Among the signatories of the petition is Denise Manfrinato, 34, who suffers from a pathology that mainly affects the bone structure. “People often ask me why I don’t ‘use’ the disabled area when I go to concerts,” he says, “I’m lucky that I can choose. And the area for the disabled is often located in the ghetto area. , away from the stage and the fans. Acoustics and picture are not always good. And when you go to your favorite artist’s concert, that’s not enough: you want all that sweaty, colorful, messy experience and hanging out with friends.” At the expense of painkillers, he equips himself with a stage to see better, and chooses a lawn. Taylor Swift will do the same on July 13, as she did following her idol Harry Styles from London to Campovolo: “I don’t have a disability that requires a wheelchair and a mandatory companion, but I understand Sylvia and her struggles. just a concert is an experience that should be guaranteed to everyone. There is a safety issue, but solutions can be found, and I believe artists would have done differently as well.” Silvia is now reaching out to them, and Disability Minister Alessandra Locatelli has announced that she will open a special meeting by inviting trade associations.

“Thank you for listening, this meeting is very important for us to talk about a real revolution for places of culture,” Silvia Stoyanova emphasizes, “not only at the logistical, but also at the organizational level. We need a single platform for booking events, transparent rules. “Thanks to regional council member Lisa Noha who supports us. Now we would like to attract artists: we would like Fedez, Elodie, Michelin to join this cause. It’s time to show that we are one: artists and fans.” There is also an association in Sylvia’s dreams: “If I did not give up, it is thanks to my team, Lisa, Alessia, Aurora and Carla, my greatest strength. We want to help many fragile people.”

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