Denny Hamlin Reveals Crazy Jumpman Sneaker Collection, Shows Off His NASCAR Partnership with Michael Jordan

If you’ve followed Danny Hamlin for a while, you know his love for sneakers. Well, not just any sneakers, Jordans! In the past, fans have seen him wearing them out of good intentions. How could we forget the “Air Jordan 1 Racer” based on Hamlin’s own purple and orange paint scheme? If that wasn’t fascinating enough, we’ve even seen Hamlin show off a few pairs of sneakers on social media before, apparently from his business partner and the legend behind the brand, Michal Jordan A gift for someone else. But it turns out there’s nothing (so far) that really justifies Hamlin’s obsession with the Jumpman brand.

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Denny Hamlin Makes His Shoe Line a Hot Topic

The 23XI Racing co-owner once again showed off his amazing collection on social media. Fans were shocked by the sheer number of shoes covered in the one-minute sped-up video. Hamlin showing off his Jordans is the perfect crossover event we’re all dying to see. In a way, it also strengthens the close bond between Jordan and Hamlin – the two drive together for 23XI Racing.


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I posted a video on Instagram that started with him saying: “You may have seen some, but definitely not all of them. This is my entire Jordan collection.” Then all of his treasured Jordan collectibles in various colors appear on the screen, synchronized to a powerful violin tune in the background. For the title, he wrote: “Every @jumpman23 sneaker in my collection 👀”.

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Fans responded without hesitation and were shocked in the video. One user said, “Jordan + Hoddle = Joddle”, as another fan requested, “Let me buy a pair.” Hamlin’s wife, Jordan Fish, joked about her resemblance to the shoe brand’s name: “I didn’t make the cut😂”.

This video reminds us of the friendship between Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan that predates the 23XI Racing joint venture. Although Jordan is a basketball legend and Hamlin is a racing driver, the latter admits to being inspired by Jordan’s powerful attitude. “His ferocity was so great” he said, according to NBC Sports.

“He’s a guy who doesn’t want to be anyone’s friend and he’s trying to do what’s best for him and his team.” Hamlin said he emulates this unique characteristic of Jordan in the sport. He said, “I think you’ve seen my driving style lately. “I’ve shifted into a more selfish mode. “

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This isn’t the first time Hamlin’s Jordans have caused a stir on the internet

Denny Hamlin has taken to the internet to brag about his Jordan sneakers multiple times. In 2022, he released a line of sneakers on an Instagram video. His fans are especially fascinated by his Air Jordan Fleet of Air Jordan 1s.


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In 2021, as we mentioned earlier, a pair of Jordans was designed specifically for Hamlin. These shoes are not designed for the usual wooden basketball court, but for an asphalt track. The Air Jordan 1 Racer PE shoe is designed to prioritize heat resistance, flexibility and comfort on and off the track.


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Who would have thought Denny Hamlin would become such a big sneakerhead?

What happens with Denny Hamlin in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2024?

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