Denny Hamlin shows off his massive collection of Jordan sneakers and it’s crazy

That’s more shoes than I’ve owned in total in 35 years, and it’s not even close.

Denny Hamlin not just one Nazca Cup Series driver, but he also co-owns 23XI Racing with basketball legend Michael Jordan.

The unlikely pair first met at an NBA game more than a decade ago when Jordan was confident of getting Denny Hamlin at halftime – because Jordan wanted to talk NASCAR with Denny.

As it turns out, Jordan was a NASCAR fan long before he became a NASCAR team owner. Judging from his sneaker collection, Hamlin has been a fan of Jordan long before the two became business partners in 2020.

The driver of the No. 11 Joe Gibbs Racing car showed off his entire collection of Jordans on social media and left fans stunned with the number of sneakers he’s amassed over the years.


By my count (I had to slow down the video), that’s over 300 pairs of Jordans. This could easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sneakers.

Of course, Hamlin is well connected, so I’m assuming he didn’t pay for all of this himself…

Hamlin even served as the inspiration for a one-of-a-kind pair of Jordans, the Air Jordan Racer 1, whose color scheme came from Denny’s FedEx-sponsored car.

It’s safe to say that if running a racing team wasn’t enough, Danny found a hobby that kept him busy long after he retired.

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