Dentists advise hepatitis patients to delay treatment

Santa Cruz de Tenerife School of Dentistry warns of impact of hepatitis on oral health as patients higher risk certain development dental disease.Although each type of hepatitis spreads differently, who has the disease is very important Never share oral hygiene products.If the patient is in the following stages active hepatitismust put off Get dental treatment when possible Apart from It is a urgency.

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused by infection or certain non-infectious causes such as alcoholism or genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis.

People with hepatitis should pay extra attention to their oral health and have regular dental checkups.

care of Oral hygiene should be strengthened people with hepatitis, because they are more likely to get it Infect, gingivitis, dry mouth, or bruxism.In addition, the disease also causes riot inside Effect certain drug For dental treatment, not recommended for patients at high risk of bleeding.

this dental clinic They are prepared to care for patients with hepatitis who require dental treatment. Once the acute phase has been overcome and the treatment has been stabilized by a specialist in the field, the dentist can take the necessary steps to improve the oral health of the patient, applying the following methods: protocol suitable for avoid infection. In this sense, both dentists and paramedics must wear disposable garments and use disposable materials when intervening. Patients must be arranged during off-peak hours to facilitate the necessary measures for subsequent disinfection.

Before any surgery, the dentist will ask previous analysis necessary about solidification, because people with hepatitis are more likely to bleed. The dentist will work with the medical team caring for the patient to coordinate dental treatment and direct the frequency of necessary oral exams.

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