Deputy proposes ban on anti-hail cannons in Tlaxcala

Sandi Prado/Tlaxcala Square District

Sandi Prado/Tlaxcala Square District

Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, November 7, 2023. – The 64th Legislature proposed a ban on technological inputs that alter Tlaxcala’s weather cycle, such as anti-hail cannons, a technology that dates back to 19th-century Europe and has had negative impacts on Mexico’s environment, health and animals.

Marcela González Castillo, a representative of the National Renewal Movement (Morena) party, said at a regular meeting that the use of anti-hail cannons has become popular in Mexico, and its purpose is to convert hail into rainfall, but Environmental problems arise due to its causes. to the lack of regulation.

González Castillo noted that as these anti-hail cannons proliferate in the country, they have become a constant source of atmospheric pollution and there is no reliable reference for their operation.

In this sense, he mentioned that, according to the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), there are 25 registered cannons, although experts confirm that there are more than 1,500 in operation in the country, therefore there is a lack of effective public policy to regulate them make the situation worse.

He stressed that currently the cannons are mainly used to protect wineries, but their operation is causing problems for crops, affecting farm animals and having a worrying impact on community health.

In this sense, he shared that in Alto Potosino, one of the four regions of the state of San Luis Potosi, spontaneous bleeding, headaches, balance disorders, vertigo, chronic fatigue, influenza epidemics, conjunctivitis have been recorded cases. Asthma and short-term memory loss occurred after climate change testing.

Considering the overall situation, Marcela González proposed adding an element to the state’s Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Law to prevent technological inputs from changing meteorological cycles, emphasizing the need to address the risks associated with the canyons. Effects on health and environment.

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