Desperate fans want Vikings to call Tom Brady after Kirk Cousins ​​serious injury

When a star quarterback is injured, a familiar routine is playing out for NFL fans. Bemoan the loss, start trying to find potential replacements, and then wonder if Tom Brady wants to return to the league. The Minnesota Vikings will be without Kirk Cousins ​​for the remainder of the 2023 season, and they are the latest team to receive this treatment.

Cousins ​​suffered a torn right Achilles tendon in the Vikes’ 24-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers. That leaves a huge hole in the lineup of a team that has won three straight and is back at .500.

Of course, NFL observers are eyeing Brady donning the purple and gold to replace Cousins.

Minnesota Vikings locker room shaken after Kirk Cousins ​​suffers apparent Achilles injury

i am the only one Think the Vikings should call Tom Brady? ” asked ProFootballTalk on X (formerly Twitter).

It turns out, no, a lot of people thought the same thing.logically a fan Several options are listed Players participating in Minnesota’s opener include rookie fifth-round draft pick Jalen Hall and currently injured backup quarterback Nick Mullens. Also on that list? Of course Brady.

Others don’t even want to Consider other options Case Keenum, for example, instead implored the Vikings to “call Tom Brady.”

Loyal fans including sales pitches Help lure TB12 out of his second retirement and head to Minnesota. “This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, Tom Brady vs. Vikings = Super Bowl,” one fan confidently predicted.

oh!Hi @tombrady. Well, Minnesota has a team that could use a backup player for the rest of the season.Maybe come back and fight (in the ring) again,” another fan said Brady Run with the title.

One interesting tactic included a photo of Brady with current Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell When the two were still teammates Together in New England.

Of course, any suggestion would be an oversight not mentioned The talent Minnesota can offer Brady. “Have you ever thought about getting Justin Jefferson… to vote for him?” teased one fan account.

The NFL world is out to find the answer to that question.

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