Details of his contract, appearances by Messi and Scaloni on his debut and reasons for his departure: 30 years after Maradona arrived at Newell’s

The last signing of Maradona’s contract was in Newell’s: the contract had been signed a few days earlier in the capital Federal (Photo: Carlos Ronga)

What seemed like utopia has become a reality. No one can explain exactly why. Diego Armando MaradonaThe best player in football history decided to wear Newell’s He was less than a year away from his last professional World Cup (1994 USA). There was talk of the persuasiveness of head coaches Jorge Indio Solari and Ricardo Giusti. ten Member of the Argentine national team and one of the heads of the Soccer SA representative body.exactly Diego has others pursuing his return to national football, such as San Lorenzo and Argentina’s Juniorsexcept it sounds natural in Boca. “I like Newell, Marcos. Let’s go there”was Maradona’s premonition of his representative, Frenkie.

As soon as Maradona moved, a few gestures covered his entire body. Oscar Ruggeri’s time as a panellist on the TV show often recalls the star’s fight with leaders for the rights of his colleagues.This also happened after he landed in Newell’s. Not only did he refuse the captaincy that belonged to Newell’s, Gerardo Martino (he Tata Eventually he was persuaded to wear the ribbon), but also asked for an increase in bonuses for other players on the team: Improved by 100%. At the same time, he agreed with the coaching staff and management to conduct training four times a week, with intensive training starting at noon on Saturday (at that time, almost all games were played on Sunday afternoon).

This book Maradona in red and black (145 days of passion and madness) He detailed how the agreement came about, based on the contract numbers. On September 9, 1993, they signed a bond uniting Maradona with Newell in exchange for three installments of $1,500,000. The offices of the production company Torneos y Competencias are located at 500 Libertad Street, on the tenth floor, just a few blocks from the AFA headquarters. The joining of a star of Diego’s size was an unprecedented investment for Lepra at the time, and his income doubled. Opponents for the opening friendly such as River Plate and Montevideo’s Nacional were also considered but were dropped due to high costs.That’s when they contacted Salvador Capitano, a man with ties to Rojinegro who was Emelec (from Ecuador)they invited them to be the stars of the party, but there was no suppression in the middle.

Tata Martino and Diego Maradona meet for the first time in Newell’s dressing room (Photo: Carlos Ronga)

The Independent Park entity only bagged the friendly match against the Ecuadorians $1,700,000, meaning that the total amount collected in a classic match against Rosario Central in the same season was five times that amount. Ticket prices for that friendly match in early October are high, but even the most strapped will spend their savings for the month to avoid missing out. Anticipation has been building since its release on Monday, September 13, 1993.The whole city was paralyzed with 40,000 fans red and black They packed the stadium to welcome him. Maradona was the axis of a convoy unlike anything the city of Santa Fe had seen since he landed at Fisherton Airport.On the same day, the refrigerator Paladini pay $150,000 So that during the press conference, a huge banner could support Pelusa’s back.Also, soda water Pepsi pay $50,000 That way Diego could have a can of drink.

Maradona settled in Riviera Hotellocated at 1400 San Lorenzo Street in downtown Rosario. The entire ninth floor of the cottage was reserved for him. Room 903 was Diego’s room, and while it had few luxuries, it was the largest. Marcos Franchi in 902 and one of his assistants in 901. There was talk that he would live in a house with a view of the Paraná River, but that never happened. His wife Claudia and daughters Dalma and Janina remain in Buenos Aires and often travel to Rosario on weekends. During his stay of almost five months, he played 7 games: friendly matches against Emelek (1-0 goal), Independiente (1-3), Belgrano Córdoba (0-1) , Gimnastics of La Plata (0-0)), Boca Juniors (0-2), Huracan (1-1) and a friendly match with Vasco da Gama (0-0).

“I wanted to hug everyone who was on the field today to say welcome and I wanted to sleep a few hours before the game but I couldn’t sleep because of the nerves and the amount of family and friends passing through the room. I wanted to find this and I assumed closely It, it turns out, is that Newell’s fans have gone too far.”. The fan Maradona mentioned has a child who is a member of the club’s baby team: Lionel Andres Messi. The skilful left-hander, aged just six, left the Gran Doli club and wore his preferred colors to witness Diego’s debut.

Forty thousand souls exploded as Maradona stepped onto the grass at Newell’s Stadium (Photo: Carlos Ronga)

“I couldn’t see Pele, Di Stefano, Cruyff, but I could see Diego. I saw everything about him, even witnessed him live. I was little, but I was at Newell’s the day he debuted in Emelec.I don’t remember anything, but I know I was“, Said some time ago Captain of the Argentina team.On the other hand, when Lionel Scaloni He became famous when he was appointed as the team’s head coach albiceleste And with his recent success, they point to him as something of a time traveler – largely due to the long hair he wore as a teenager and, as a youth footballer at Newell’s, playing against Emelek ahead of a friendly. Maradona accepted the medal together. In order to get in touch with his idol, whom he later had the pleasure of meeting, gringo It appears in a picture that will be published for posterity.

he Indian Solari has abandoned technical management in favor of teacher Jorge Castelli. At the end of November, Diego played against Boca at the Candy Box Stadium and also played a pending match against Huracan at the Patricios Park (the last official to wear a Leprous jersey).A few weeks ago, he received coconut Basile represented his country in a gut-wrenching playoff defeat to Australia on the road to the World Cup in the United States.Maradona is back, but his physique doesn’t react as expected and he doesn’t have much ability Feel and new coach.

In addition to several matches corresponding to Apertura 93, which only ended in March 1994, the agenda also included Capital Daily Cupwhich includes two games Vasco da Gama (One in Rosario and one in Mar del Plata) in January of the World Cup year. Maradona worked in an unusual way during pre-season with Castelli’s plans, and injuries took a toll on him both physically and emotionally, causing him to lose interest.tell the book Maradona red and black: “While the team gathered at the Horizon Hotel in San Lorenzo, Diego still sat in his suite at the Riviera Hotel. He was even seen taking a boat trip in Florida and traveling through various parts of Rosario Bar. Those attitudes didn’t bother most of his teammates, who were grateful for sharing moments with a living legend, but they did start to make leaders and the coaching staff impatient. His decision to skip the technical talk hours before the game and drive to the pitch with Frankie in his own vehicle rather than with his teammates only exacerbated the discomfort.“.

Maradona received a plaque alongside his daughters. On the left is a curler-wearing teenager, Lionel Scaloni, also wearing Newell (Photo: Carlos Ronga)

On January 20, the first friendly match between Newell’s and Vasco was held at Independence Park. According to the contract, Diego must play 70 minutes. At the age of 72, he suffered an injury due to lateral contracture of his right calf (Diego Garay replaced him). To make matters worse, he tripped on the stairs on the way to the locker room and the pain worsened. After that goalless exhibition match, the Nurista team traveled to Mar del Plata and checked into the Hotel Primasi. On January 25, the two teams will meet in a friendly match at the José María Minella World Cup Stadium. happy. However, heavy rain in Hot Springs forced a postponement until the next day. With Castelli’s permission, Diego watched a basketball match between Penarol from Mar del Plata and Atenas from Córdoba. Later, he went to Amigos restaurant to eat seafood. After night, he ran away. He did not concentrate, and the meeting between Rosario and Cariocas lost absolute interest due to his unexpected absence.

Maradona traveled to the federal capital, wandering between his properties in Núñez and Moreno, seeking peace of mind and a break from the depression he had sunk in due to ongoing injuries and the impending World Cup, which he knew would be his last once.. I lost a lot of weight due to dieting It was recommended to her by her friends Susana Giménez and Andrés Percivale, based on bioenergy and designed by Dr. Vergara and Chinese technician Liu Guochang. But he also lost muscle mass and suffered more than usual from friction with his opponents.They have a total of four injuries During his stay at NOB: sciatic nerve inflammation, left hamstring contracture, left quadriceps tear, and right calf strain.

The ending seems to have been written. Castelli issued an ultimatum to the leadership, and President Walter Cataño conveyed his concerns to agent Marcos Franchi, who reported Diego’s depressive state. Maradona’s representatives raised the possibility of renewing Newell’s contract, but without the obligation to train with the team. The rejection was firm. The Rossoneri didn’t even debate the idea of ​​him appearing only in friendly matches. On February 1, 1994, the relationship was terminated by mutual consent. The next day, he used a compressed air rifle to drive out some reporters and photographers stationed at the entrance of Moreno’s villa.In a few months, he will be with teacher Signorini participated in the 1994 World Cup in the United States. that will be yours last dance Pair it with a light blue and white T-shirt.

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