Details of Vicky Martín Berrocal’s successful diet that lost 18 kilograms in half a year

Just over a year ago, Vicky Martín Berrocal was the epitome of “If you want it, you can.” this celebrity He has gained 18 kilograms and his goal for 2021 is to lose weight. Unlike the usual predictions at the beginning of the year, these predictions are always up in the airThe designer literally understood her goal and achieved it. There are two keys:

  1. Get regular physical exercise

  2. Start a healthy lifestyle (diet)

there is none left. Be patient and have the courage to stay the course. This is what diet is all about. Persevering despite difficulties and coping with stress and even anxiety (psychological help recommended) and stay strong. Remember, dieting does not mean starving.

The example of Vicky Martin Berrocar is particularly striking and can serve as a role model for many.This celebrity comes to admit that she has “Toxic relationship with food” and he uses it as a “reward” after a hard day.

“I came home from a day out and I gave myself that moment (to eat poorly), Instead of giving me lettuce and tomatoes, he gave me a plate of pasta and I went to bed.”, he said a few months ago in an interview with Divinity reported by Farud Vigo newspaper.

What else has Martin Berrocar done? Commitment to “force” oneself to undergo body transformation through social networks. In this way, he is not only doing it for her, but he is constantly setting an example for his followers. This brought him closer to his goal.

Vicky Martín Berrocal First Steps to Starting a Diet

The first step was to hire a personal trainer to accompany her throughout the process.timeAs already emphasized, it’s also important to take care of your diet and take care of your body through exercise.

After that it’s time to start working on the menu. His diet was unrestricted and focused on healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. He eats several times a day.

The truth is, if I don’t eat, I’m going to have dinner and eat everything, and that’s impossible“, he came to realize. The process was slow, he was told via his IG. Diet was the key.

  • five meals a day

  • Satisfying snack

  • light dinner

  • Breakfast full of energy

“On January 6th, this Canyon started a training and healthy eating challenge with us. The result? 18kg lighter, happier, more energetic, better skin, better everything… “Now is the time to enjoy the holidays, stay active, and rest.”


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Vicky Martín Berrocal Keys to Dietary Success

The key, the designer says, is to accept yourself at every stage of life rather than wallowing in them. “I’ve shot 40, I’ve done really well, I’ve shot 46 and I’m going to defend that. That’s the attitude,” he said.

Vicky Martin Berrocar’s accusations against ‘real’ bodies

“I’m Vicky Martín Berrocal. I’m a size 42 and I have cellulite. And I’m like this…a person with weak emotions but a strong personality. I am complicated, complex at times, but kind-hearted. I was lost, but I searched for myself and found myself. I don’t know how to give myself half, I give myself completely. I will never be half your friend nor half your love, to me it’s all or nothing…I don’t lie, I don’t hide, I’m fair, demanding and a perfect Activists. I also don’t brag about what I don’t have, on the contrary, I am always grateful for the life I live. I used to get angry easily, now I lower the volume of what I hear and raise the tone of what I feel. I’m not perfect, but I’m real.”

This is what he said a few months before he started the diet. Vicky reflects on the reality of her body. “I never worry about my weight. You can be a hottie no matter what your body shape is.It’s a matter of attitude”. Vicki approached dieting with this attitude and achieved her goals. She dieted to be healthy and feel good, but without becoming obsessed. Awesome.

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