Did Belen Rodriguez argue with Cecilia? Elio Lorenzoni and these social gestures

Belem AND Cecilia Rodriguez did they argue? Rumors regarding alleged dispute Between the two sisters, they became increasingly assertive, also given that social interactions between them were now reduced. This is obviously an anomalous situation, since family Rodriguez has always been very united, ready to protect and support each other.

Belen, Cecilia’s social gestures

The most attentive fans would have noticed that Ignazio Moser’s partner would start wearing it again. like under my sister’s posts, but not to everyone. According to those best informed, Cecilia would avoid leaving reactions only to messages in which Belen with Elio Lorenzoni. According to many, this is a sign that Cheku may have some doubts about his sister’s new flirtation. In recent weeks, the former Le Iene presenter has shared some footage of a holiday spent with an entrepreneur in the Dolomites in the name of relaxation and fun (including hang gliding). Meanwhile, two of his exes Stefano De Martino AND Antonino Spinalbese (respectively the fathers of Rodriguez’s two children, Santiago and Luna Marie) have been spotted together and rumor has it that they even made a love pact for their children.

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