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Lionel Messi may be the best football player in recent years, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his share of scandals.

Did Messi flirt with reporters?

The Argentinian athlete is characterized by being very reserved about his personal life and in a recent interview he was shocked by a journalist on the red carpet at the eighth Ballon d’Or Awards, a prestigious event. The biggest winner in recognition history.

Sophie Martinez asked Messi a few questions, first praising him for everything he has achieved in his career, but netizens did not miss the opportunity, pointing out that he looked nervous.

“I’m grateful for the career I’ve had, the times I’ve had to live in, obviously, winning the Copa America and the World Cup in recent years because it caps off a lot of things and becoming world champion is a dream for anyone,” “While fighting for After a long time (…) that’s what I miss,” he said.

Social networks question whether Messi flirted during interview

Unsurprisingly, the comments section of the Generation F account sparked a heated debate over whether there was any relationship between them or whether it was simply misunderstood.

“If they can beat Sophie Martinez with Messi, Sophie Martinez has already won”, “God, I can’t imagine how bad Antonella (Messi’s wife) is”, “This is the karma Anto is paying, she looks at Beckham like this”, “Something is going on here, he can’t hide his nervousness”, “I don’t know, it’s the same for everyone”, “May Messi is hiding something, something has happened or is happening between them, look at his face”, “Messi looks at everyone like this, haven’t you seen other interviews he has done”, “Messi, Don’t let us down” and “Because of you, I believe not everyone is the same”, are some of the texts.

Mexican graphologist Maryfer Centeno conducted a physical analysis of the football player and concluded that they both felt attracted to each other and that there was a bit of flirting between them.

“There is no doubt that looks speak and I just want you to see journalist Sofia Martinez even become shy. He, the great Lionel Messi, look… look how interesting it is because when When you realize someone is looking at you, it’s because they’ve done it 7 times. I want you to see how she gets nervous and what she does is a calming gesture as she scratches, It was a slight tickle and she looked down…please! “This is a typical flirting reaction,” he said on Instagram.

Do you think Messi actually flirted with reporters or was he just nervous for other reasons? Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comments section.

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