“Dimanche in Politics”. Avek Amelie Udea-Castera


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24 September 2023, Dimanche en politique, Politique de France magazine 3, welcomes Amelie Oudéa-Caster, Minister of Sports, Olympic and Paralympic Games. She was questioned by Francis Letelier with a “white card” from Nathalie Moret, a political journalist for the EBRA press group.

Who is the Minister of Sports at a time when France is organizing, with publicity à la fois, the Rugby World Cup, the Olympic and Paralympic Games? Would you like to share or split the medals and combine them? If Emmanuel Macron is part of the Prime Minister’s plan, then the Minister of Sports and JO Amélie Oudea-Castera is also here to ease the pressure.

Les enjeux des Jeux

“Les défis des Jeux” is mesurent autant sur le plan financier que sur les plan human et politique. Are you looking for a popular party or a privileged spectacle? Is this image of the collection and organization in France projected internationally? There is also an opportunity to combine the values ​​of sport and safety. Just before the launch of the JO, as France prepares its overall report on the Rugby World Cup, the Minister answers questions from Francis Letelier.

Despite the economic difficulties familiar to the French and the confrontation with aux drames Liés au Harcèlement à l’Ecole et dans le Sport, elle Exlique Comment Adapter ces enjeux à son Domaine.

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