Directing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Here’s everything you need to know to complete Peter and Miles’ new adventure in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. All Outfits, Side Quests, Collectibles, Easter Eggs and more.

Guide starts

welcome to our Complete guide “Spider-Man 2” from Marvel. Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ new adventure in New York puts us in control of the wall-crawlers once again, this time as a team, and twice.In this guide we’ll explain how it’s done All tasks avoided spoilerand what you must do to complete Comes with activities and all collectiblesdon’t forget personal actions They made flat bottoms for some trophies and platinum.You won’t miss a thing with our guide, valid for 100% no problem.

Story and main quest

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 There are 31 main tasks You have to overcome this difficulty to complete the entire story of Peter and Miles.already passed 2 years from first delivery Both moved on with their lives.In this part of the guide, you will be able to learn how to overcome every obstaclealso When auxiliary content is available.Of course, all this No spoiler Argue and avoid spoiling any surprises.


Missions section includes main missions and other missions 10 activity chains or secondary tasks. In this section you’ll see when and how to complete these tasks, as well as the rewards you’ll receive for doing so in the form of materials or exclusive clothing.


4 collections of games are of another genre secondary activities Different from mission.All but one of them Classic collectiblesgo to point X and locate object Y.

small tools

Like the previous part, in addition to web shooters, you can also make various gadgets or tools.In total they will be 4 gadgets You can use it to attract enemies, attack them from a distance, shoot… Each of them must Made using resources and can to do well Increases the maximum amount of ammunition or its effects.


Since there can be no other situation, there is Dozens of different costumes You can get it. You will find a total of 34 suits for Peter and a total of 34 suits for Miles.And like this time Suits are just for lookswe will also explain how to obtain all suit technologies and how they affect your character.

Skills and Techniques

Miles and Peter can unlock a variety of abilities, both unique and common. They will also be able to use very powerful combat techniques to sweep across the ground with their enemies. we warn spoiler inevitable in these parts. If you’re not looking for something very specific, don’t browse or you might get an unpleasant surprise.

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